The Silk Road tourism revival

The second group of Chinese tourists visiting the Silk Road from the province of Luoyang China to the countries located on the Silk Road then entered the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to the Bureau of International Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism organization, this group included of eleven university professors, businessmen and experts in culture and the Chinese media. During their stay in Iran they will visit the historical and cultural attractions of Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz.

The Chinese group in a symbolic gesture accompanied with the managing directors of Iran Doostan Tours Company as a performer and coordinator of these trips,meanwhile  visiting the National Museum of Iran and exchange, handicrafts and models of historical artifacts, referred to the importance of Silk road in expanding relations between countries located in this route .

It is worth mentioning that the Chinese government’s emphasis on the revival of the Silk Road, will create action among Chines tourists and travel demand has been increased in this route.

According to statistics published by the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) , in 2013, over 98 million Chinese tourists have traveled to different countries which percentage points in 2012 showed 18 percent.

The reason of  this rapid growth, economic development, increasing demand for travel, increasing the value of the currency of the country, facilitate the issuance of visas to Chinese tourists from other countries as good potential market and Increase in international flights in China.