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Top 7 Festivals of Matinabad Eco-camp

There is no better place than Matinabad if you are looking for a fascinating place to stay in the countryside of Isfahan in central Iran. A warm and lovely residence located in the Rural District of Khaledabad in the Isfahan Province with a population of approximately 500 people. Matinabad Eco-camp not only has many exciting activities available for tourists and natives but there are also many festivals that take place in Matinabad to keep everyone entertained. Here are the most exciting festivals held in Matinabad that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Nowruz Festival

The Persian New Year is known as Nowruz, which translates to A new day. The entire country is full of colorful flowers and cheers, and Matinabad is no exception. The locals of Matinabad believe that light shall always defeat darkness. Thus, the villagers acknowledge the festival of Light and Mirror when the first Thursday of the year arrives. They turn on all the lights in the house with mirrors everywhere for two days straight. By that, they resemble an illuminated holy place. Join us at this event and treat yourself to our natural and organic herbal teas and freshly picked products. We will give you the experience of heaven in the middle of the desert by making a magical drink of rosewater and peppermint extract New Year’s edition.

Rose Water Festival (Golab Giri)

During spring, Damask roses grow on the fields of the village’s verdant farms. A perfect time to extract rose water from these scented flowers. Therefore, the locals of Matinabad regard this time of the year as a festive season. Wooden baskets are often given to children to help their parents gather fragrant flowers, making it a fun activity for them to enjoy. During this time, you have an opportunity to experience the creation of rose water extract harvested by your own hands in the Matinabad eco-camp. Drinking the best quality and fresh rose water, sweetbrier extract, peppermint extract, and Sisymbrium irio syrup accompanied by live traditional music at the camp will make your evening fresh and aromatic like the roses from our garden. Following that, the locals distribute the food to the lovely guests of Matinabad to enjoy.

Ab Dough Khiar

Ab Dough Khiar is a traditional Persian meal mostly served during summer. Iranians cherish the opportunity to have this tasty meal on hot summer days. It contains herbs, walnuts, yogurt, and sometimes raisins. Ice cubes are added to the mix to create a cold sensation in the body during this hot season. Throughout the summer, locals in Matinabad serve the most delicious Ab Dough Khiar you will ever taste. To remain loyal to the values of establishing Matinabad eco-camp, dedicated to improving the quality of life of local people and preserving valuable occupations, they grow plants and flowers and extract them using the skills of the local farmers and labor. Therefore, you can rest assured that all the products used in this delicious meal are organic. So, If you’re visiting Matinabad during summer, make sure you get a taste of this luscious Persian meal.

Yalda Night in Matinabad

The most widely cherished festival in Iran is Yalda Night or Chelleh Night. The longest and the darkest night of the year, when Iranian families sit around a place and stay up till dawn. Watermelons, pomegranates, persimmons, sweets, and nuts are the specific items that represent the glory of this tradition. Each of the items has its meaning. For instance, the pomegranate is a symbol of birth, and its bright red seeds symbolize the glow of life. Guests are always welcome in Matinabad during Yalda night. The restaurant will serve a meal different from the daily special to leave you a more vivid memory of the event. Locals will play traditional instruments and recite poems by Hafez for the visitors to treasure this memorable night.

Kadoo Halvayi (Pumpkin Festival)

Matinabad organic farms supply a variety of crops such as watermelons, pumpkins, eggplants, pomegranates, tomatoes, and many more. Autumn is known as the pumpkin season, and by the time fall arrives, the organic pumpkins of Matinabad Organic Farm are harvested for countless purposes. During this most wonderful time of year, the locals make pumpkin jam, stew, pottage, and tasty desserts like cookies and cakes to welcome visitors. As part of the Thanksgiving festival, pumpkins will also be used as decorations to bring light and joy to the hearts.

Chaharshanbe Suri

The last Wednesday (Chaharshanbe Suri) is celebrated all over Iran before the New Year approaches. When Iranians leap over a bonfire and sing a traditional song. People believe that the red color of fire symbolizes health. Iranians perform a variety of traditions on this night. In Matinabad, the locals dance and whirl with a harmonious sound produced by Sorna (an ancient woodwind instrument) and Zarb (a goblet drum). Guests from Iranian cities and foreigners gather around to celebrate this renowned festival. During this night, a very popular Persian stew, Ash Reshteh, is served, making the night even more memorable.

Asemane Shab in Matinabad

The night sky over Matinabad is full of twinkling stars and galaxies, thanks to being located near the desert. It’s a magnificent moment for the visitors to observe the night sky. Astrophotographers often visit this special place to capture the Milky Way and the stars via their telescopes. It is fascinating to look at the night sky with a telescope and observe millions of stars, planets, and galaxies. With the help of our astronomers, you will learn more about the incredible planets in the sky. Gathering around a bonfire under a starry night is a special moment you can experience in Matinabad.


The night sky over Matinabad is full of twinkling stars and galaxies.

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