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Shiraz attractions infographic

Shiraz, known as the city of flowers, nightingales, and lovers that welcomes visitors with its gorgeous gardens and tall cypress trees. Great Persian poets, Hafez and Saadi have been born and lived in this graceful city and today, their delicate tombs are frequently visited by literature lovers.
However, this is not all about Shiraz; having been the capital of Iran twice in history, the city embraces numerous historical monuments and tourist attractions, some with a worldwide reputation. Many tourists enjoy visiting the 2500-year-old Persepolis city and appreciate its glory. Pasargadae, the tomb of Cyrus the Great, is still respected by many. The architecture of the complex remaining from the Zandiye dynasty also looks quite eye-catching with is charming colorful interior tilework and exterior brickworks. Many photographers appreciate Shiraz for the famous Pink mosque, which is colorful windows that let the light shine into the mosque. People here are well-known for being warm-hearted and hospitable and there is a lot waiting for you to enjoy here.

shiraz attractions

To see and download the high-quality infographic, click here: Shiraz attractions infografic.

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