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Things to do in Kish Island (Photos, info, timing)

The famous and unique scenery of sunset and sunrise behind the sea, its reflection on the Persian Gulf along with an ancient ship silhouette can only be seen on Kish Island. Various kinds of birds will be welcoming you to be dolphins’ guests for a couple of hours and enjoy your way back through a tunnel of colorful fish land. Discovering colorful fish under the sea while diving deep down the Persian Gulf or flying above it can be an exciting experience on Kish Island. The best thing about Kish Island is the fact that it’s a free trade zone in Iran and you won’t need any visa to gain for traveling here!

The Ancient City of Harireh

As it is obvious by the name of this historical landscape, this old town is more than 800 years old. Old rooms and equipment can be found which were used by people who once used to live here. You can see how locals used materials to make an inhabitant for themselves. Enjoy the simplicity and splendid architecture of the city that was once popular and full of life with a great view of the sea. If you are interested in history and old architecture visit this ancient city in the heart of a modern island.
Right across the street, you can find the Green Tree Complex which an old tree with over 500 years old age exists. Green Tree is the oldest tree on Kish Island. If you walk down the stairs you will face a gigantic tree whose complex look will amaze you. The old Lur tree growth situation is different from all kinds of trees. Its branches grow down and turn into roots and grow up again from the soil beneath. Locals believe if you visit the tree and make a wish, your wish will be granted soon. If you are traveling to Kish Island in Spring, you can sit and relax in the environment full of pink blossoms and flowers and experience another memorable day in Kish Island.
Opening hours: 10 am – 10 pm

Kish Island, Harireh ancient city

The ancient city of Harireh: An old city to visit in the heart of a modern island.

Kish Dolphin Park

Your journey to the first Dolphinarium in Iran will start with a bird park. A huge area full of various kinds of birds freely flying or walking around. Birds like eagles, pelicans, flamingos, peacocks, toucans, and ostriches. If you are looking for something exciting to do, you can take a picture with the trained hawk right on your shoulder. The second section is dedicated to reptiles, such as crocodiles, snakes, and lizards that are lying motionless after they’re fed so then you can visit them. You can also have a photograph with a huge python if you are brave enough! After the reptile section, there will be a circus performance with acrobatics. There will be also a bird show with colorful parrots or other different kinds of birds. The dolphin show will be the last part. You can watch the dolphins play, swim and jump around and even create colorful paintings. If you have children with you, you can let them swim with these intelligent creatures and leave a happy memory for your children in Kish Island. On the way back you can enjoy walking in a small aquarium with rare and colorful fish, turtles and sharks of Persian Gulf.

Opening hours: 2:30 – 10 pm

Kish Island, Iran

Leave a happy memory for your children yourself with these intelligent and lovely creatures in Kish Island.

Kish Diving Center

A must activity to do in Kish Island is scuba diving deep down of Persian Gulf. First, you will have a quick lesson and the necessary equipment will be given to you. When everyone is ready you will be taken to the diving site by motorboats. You will dive with the professionals around you. Special cameras are prepared for you to take pictures underwater. By watching the colorful fish and corals all around you, you don’t want to get out of water. If you haven’t experienced a fly board yet, you can give it a try on Kish Island. It might be hard at first but when you learn how to keep your balance, you can enjoy your view of the sea beneath your feet. If you are interested, you can also parachute over the sea with your friends or family to leave an exciting memory on Kish Island.

Opening hours: 9 am – 4 pm

Kish Island

A must activity to do in Kish Island is scuba diving deep down of Persian Gulf.

Greek Ship

Khoula F, the Greek ship, is located in the western part of Kish Island which also is the most beautiful beach among all the beaches of the island. The big old Greek ship is floating in shallow seabed close to the beach, carrying mysteries and histories while drowning them with itself slowly. This historical destruction of the Greek Ship has been left in the Persian Gulf since 1966; a burnt ship that looks amazing in the blue Persian Gulf, is now a symbol of Kish Island. Needless to say, this is the most photogenic spot that can be found in Kish island but for taking pictures of sunset along with the ship, you need to make sure you’re on time.

Kish Island, Iran

The big old Greek ship is floating in shallow seabed close to the beach, carrying lots of mysteries.

Visiting Khoula F Ship at sunset will give you a magic view so don’t forget to bring your camera with you for amazing photography opportunities. The water is gorgeously blue and the sand is clean and soft. A great chance to sit and relax and enjoy your time in front of the never-ending Persian Gulf. Rent camels or horses to ride along the beach, or cycle around the island if you want. Your visit to Kish Island is incomplete without visiting the aground Greek Ship.

Rent a car or hire a taxi to the Greek Ship from anywhere on the island, you will arrive there in less than half an hour.

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