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Things to do in Chabahar (Photos, Info)

You won’t always need a visa to travel to Iran! There are some free trade zones, so you won’t need to bother getting a visa to visit. Here, you can get acquainted with one of these free trade zones in Iran; the magnificent Chabahar. A few years ago, the southern tourist attractions of Iran were neglected. Fortunately, these days, within the help of local entrepreneurs and tourism organizations, people are more aware of the untouchable landscapes of the southern parts of Iran. The genuine culture, astounding landscape, delicious foods, and hospitable people of southern parts of Iran are some reasons why traveling to the north is a MUST. Chabahar is one of the remarks of southeast Iran located in Sistan and Baluchestan Province. The Lipar Lake, Hara Forest, Oman Gulf, and Tis are some of the main Chabahar tourist attractions.

Because of the monsoon winds coming from the Indian subcontinent, Chabahar is the coolest southern port during summer. That is why some believe that the name “Chabahar” is derived from the Persian word “Chahar Bahar” meaning “Four Springs” referring to the fact that the weather is always pleasant the same as spring in Chabahar. Due to the fact that Chabahar is right across the equator, you will enjoy the pleasant weather, especially in January and February, not to mention all the delicious tropical fruits you will find.

Lipar Wetland (Pink Lake)

Checking the wonderful pictures of Iran’s famous touristic sites, you may have faced a picture of a lake which is pink! Sounds odd!!. But actually, the Lipar Wetland is the well-known pink lake in Iran. It is located in the Lipar Valley with a 15-kilometer distance in the east of Chabahar. Its color sometimes turns into red. Bear in mind that, not always the lake is pink and if you are so into visiting the pink version of the lake, you should choose the right timing. Additionally, if you are a fan of birdwatching, Lipar Wetland is a good place to explore different species of birds at.

Lipar Wetland- Chabahar

Things to do in Chabahar: Lipar Wetland

(Mangrove) Forest

As well as Lipar Lake, the Mangrove Forrest is one of the most impressive Chabahar tourist attractions and a perfect place to explore among unique and amazing types of birds and you can just sit in a boat and enjoy watching them for hours. Like other mangroves all around the world, these mangroves live in a coastal intertidal zone. But do not worry, there are boats carrying people to the middle of the forest right across the borders of Pakistan so that you can enjoy the calm and attractive environment.
Chabahar has some specific characteristics. One is Fig trees which is a sacred tree with more than one hundred years of age. Another one is 4- meter long Gwuando which is a native crocodile to freshwaters in Iran. You can find both of them in Hara Forrest. Admittedly, you can see flamingos, various types of herons, and partridges in the amazing forest.

Merikhi Mountains (Martian/ Minature Mountains)

Known also as Merikhi Mountains, these magnificent mountain ranges overlook the Oman Gulf coasts. The remarkable point about these mountains is their unique and somewhat different style in comparison to their surroundings. They have an unusual shape and the mountain is in green, white, and red. Besides, you won’t see any living signs like any plant or tree in the area! It is an amazing place and you will love it much more during dawn or dusk. Bear in mind, you can hike in the mountain too, so if you have a suitable shoe, take it with you not to miss this great opportunity. The mountains’ height ranges from 5 to 100 meters. Its texture is like hard rocks, yet hiking it is not that difficult.
There are different interpretations of the reason for its formation. Some Geologists believe that there are the last ranges of the Zagros Mountains that end up in Pakistan. Though others think that these mountains have been buried under soil for a long time and within the time, they have formed this way.

Merikhi Mountains - Chabahar tourist attractions

Things to do in Chabahar – Merikhi Mountains: The amazing geological formations overlooking the Gulf of Oman.

Beris Port

Right next to the Martian Mountains, you can enjoy the amazing Beris Port and sit and enjoy by the peaceful sea. If you go there around sunset, you will be amazed by the astounding landscape.

Beris Port- Chabahar

Things to do in Chabahar – An amazing view of Beris Port, where the Oman sea and Indian ocean are connected.

Gel Afshan (Mud Volcano)

Within a 100-kilometer distance to Chabahar, Gel Afshan is in the middle of a circle with a 100 meters diameter on a hill with a 100 meters height. In Gel Afshan, there are mud domes that formed the area. This natural geo- tourist site is remarked because of the underground mud being reached onto the earth’s surface. It is believed that the mud can heal certain diseases.

Mud Volcano - Gel-Afshan: Chabahar

Things to do in Chabahar – Mud Volcano: The underground mud being reached onto the earth’s surface.

Tis Beach Resort

Tis used to be an important port on the southeast coast of Iran. It used to be a trading center for goods to send them to various places like Central Asia and the Middle East. It is in a five-kilometer distance to Chabahar.
There is also a mosque in Tiss. The remarkable point about Tiss Great Mosque is its beautiful facade in Indian or Pakistani architecture. It is a remnant of the early Islamic era in Iran.

Tis Beach - Chabahar

Things to do in Chabahar: Tis Beach Resort

Bear in mind that are there great souvenirs that you should buy while visiting Chabahar. First things first, do not miss the local bazaar where you can see how local’s real lives are and how the culture of that area is connected with the rich Pakistani and Indian culture. You can buy original spices, tea milk, and Baluch needlework. Do not miss going to traditional teahouses to blend in with Baluch people and taste the fabulous milk tea. Plus there are staggering ecolodges and traditional restaurants where you can taste spicy Karahi, Pakoureh, Ghalie Mahie, and Daal Adas. If you are fond of water sports like beach football, volleyball, and tennis, swimming, diving, and surfing, the Oman Sea is the perfect destination.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Chabahar tourist attractions. If you have visited Chabahar or have any questions, feel free to ask.

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