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Best cinemas in Iran: Photos, Location, info

How well are you familiar with Iran’s film industry? Well, Iranian cinema is highly popular in Iran and many Iranians spend their weekends watching a movie at the cinema. During the past 150 years, from the early 20th century, that cinema has appeared in Iran, it has experienced many ups and downs. Despite being called a developing country, Iranian cinema has gradually developed and bloomed in recent years. Today, some of these have found their way to international film events such as Oscar, so, going to a movie in Iran does not sound weird if you would like to try (top 10 Iranian movies). In this article we will introduce the best cinemas in Iran, the first three ones are located in Tehran and the other ones in Isfahan, Shiraz, and Tabriz.

Kourosh Cineplex

This luxury Cineplex lies in the top four floors of the Kourosh Complex and is the largest and most modern Cineplex in Iran. There are 14 halls, named after famous old Iranian cinemas creating a kind of nostalgic feeling. Not only Iranian movies but also foreign ones are screened in this Cineplex. You can either buy your ticket online or on the first floor of the building.
Kourosh complex is located in Sattari Expy, Payambar St, Tehran, Iran (Location on map)

Cinemas in Iran

Best cinemas in Iran: Kourosh Cineplex is the largest and the most modern Cineplex in Iran.

Mellat Cineplex and Gallery

Located in the south-east side of Mellat Park, this Cineplex also offers a large and modern place to enjoy your day. There are four movie halls in this Cineplex each occupying 300 persons, a performance hall, an exhibition area, restaurants, coffee-shop, and some service areas. Apart from watching a movie, you could take time to go for a stroll in one of the most impressive parks in Tehran. The park is especially recommended during fall and spring for taking amazing photos, however, it also provides an opportunity to escape the hot weather during summer.
It is located in Hashemi Rafsanjani high-way, District 3, Tehran, Iran (Location on map)

cinemas in Iran - Melat Cineplex

Best cinemas in Iran: Mellat Cineplex located on the beautiful Mellat Park in Tehran

Charsou Cineplex

Located in the downtown of Tehran, Charsou is not only a wonderful place but also a modern media mall that was opened in 2014. Charsou Cinema Cineplex is a famous place offering a pleasant atmosphere for movie, and high tech lovers. It has five movie halls, all of them equipped with the most modern audiovisual facilities of the digital cinemas. The Cineplex also offers a special place for playing live music and holding galleries.
It is located in District 12 Southeast of the intersection of the Islamic Republic Street and Hafez Bazar Charsu, Tehran, Iran (Location on map)

Sahel Cinema

Sahel is one of the oldest cinemas in Isfahan that went under restoration after the revolution of 1979. There are nine halls with a capacity of 1000 people. The second floor offers a small outdoor cinema cafe with a capacity of 60 people, the balcony overlooks the fascinating view of Si o Se pol bridge. If you would like to try watching a movie on a balcony, then you are welcomed.
It is located on the Second floor, Sahel Cinema, Enghelab Square, Isfahan, Iran (Location on map)

Golestan Cineplex

If you are in Shiraz and have a call for watching a movie in an Iranian cinema, then Golestan is a good option. Having been opened in 2017, Golestan Cineplex belongs to the private sector and is considered a luxurious and modern cinema in this city. It has three movie halls, all of them equipped with comfortable seats, a digital film system, and Dolby audio system. There are also coffee shops and restaurants around to walk and spend your time; the last floor offers a cozy place for reading books.
It is located in Alef Building, Moali Abad St, Shiraz, Iran (location on map)

Setare Baran Cineplex

Setare Baran is a large and modern mall in Tabriz with four halls with a capacity of 400 people on the third and fourth floors. The halls are all equipped with comfortable seats, a digital film system, and Dolby audio system. The Cineplex offers a cozy atmosphere with restaurants, coffee shops, and book-store where you can spend an enjoyable time. European films are also sometimes screened in this Cineplex in Tabriz.
It is located on the third floor, Setare Baran Shopping Center, East Azarbaijan Province, Tabriz, Iran (Location on map)

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