AeroPodium Organized the First Aviation Symposium in Iran

AeroPodium arranged the first aviation symposium in Iran on April 25 and 26, 2016.

The conference, with the title of Dawn of a New Era, was held in Tehran, IPIS in the ministry of foreign affairs. Iranian and international aviation industries, aircraft operators and manufacturers, banks, airports, financial analysts, and leasing and finance companies were present at the conference.

Iran Doostan Tours Company (IDT) was in charge of preparations for the symposium in Iran, visa issuance, and hotel reservations for the 80 international guests from UK, France, Belgium, Turkey, Germany, and Bermuda that joined the conference.

“Iran Aviation symposium is the platform for the aviation authorities in Iran, who want to reconnect Iran’s aviation industry with the world technology and standards, and the international delegates who want to achieve a great knowledge about the Iranian market and find great networks in the country.” said Saeed Azam the marketing manager at IDT about the Tehran symposium.

On the first day of symposium, Iranian representatives spoke about the opportunities for Iran’s aviation industry after the sanctions, efficient management of aviation assets, rebuilding Iran’s aviation industry, the challenges of business, a vision for future, and Iran’s financial regulatory and framework.

On April 26th the second day of conference the international experts went over Iran’s key regional status for connecting east and west, aircraft leasing possibility, and risks and opportunities that Iran will face after emerging the global aviation industry. And in the afternoon the delegates visited FARSCO MRO facility the largest maintenance hangar in the Middle East.

AeroPodium, based in London, organizes business to business events in aviation industry worldwide with the purpose to shape public relations and inform organizations and individuals about new challenges and opportunities in both commercial and business aviation.

The post-sanction era has brought new horizons for Iran in many industries and the authorities took advantage of this opportunity to improve Iran’s aviation infrastructures that needed the most care and attention after years of restrictions.

Panagiotis Panagopoulos, CEO and founder of AeroPodium on his interview with Hamgaraii newspaper said since Iran has a key role in connecting east and west the international aviation firms are very interested in doing business with this country and AeroPodium is going to have the second Iranian Aviation Symposium in 2017.