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Top 10 Movies About Iran Cities You Have to Watch

Iran is full of beautiful cities and locations where you can enjoy nature and the atmosphere. Surely, traveling to Iran comes with new challenges, and it isn’t easy to choose your travel destination. One of the ways that you can learn more about the culture of Iran and its beautiful cities and locations is to watch Iranian Movies and get in-depth with their culture. Many Best Iranian Films are at a world-class level. In this article, we have gathered a top 10 list of Iranian movies, and by watching them, you can learn more about Iranian cities.

Atabai (Khoi City)

The first movie on the list of top 10 movies is Atabai, which is a 2020 drama movie directed by Niki Karimi, one of the most known Iranian actresses. The movie Atabai was one of the challenging works of Niki Karimi, as he doesn’t have any professional background in directing a film. However, Atabai does a great job at describing a local story, and Niki Karimi proves that she can also be a good director, along with being an actress. The actors play very well, and a good story plot completes the movie. The story is about Kazem, a middle-aged man who lives in a village. He has left the university because of a former love, but when two sisters enter his life, he falls in love once again. The story takes place in Khoi City, and the location of the filmmaking provides an ideal atmosphere for the story.

When the Moon Was Full (Sistan and Baluchestan)

When the Moon Was Full is a 2019 film starring Hootan Shakiba, Elnaz Shakerdoost, and Amin Rahimian. Narges Abyar, one of the professional directors of Iran, directed the movie. When the Moon Was Full happens in Sistan and Baluchestan and has a closer look at a story that is based on real life. In this movie, the lives of the people of Sistan and Baluchestan are shown from a different approach. The story is mainly about a romance between Faezeh and Abdolhamid, who get married in the film. But after a while, Faezeh becomes aware of Abdolhamid’s family in Sistan and Baluchestan province and that they are involved in illegal activities. Later on, Faezeh decides to escape with her husband to Pakistan to get away from them, but in Pakistan, they meet Abdolhamid’s brother, Abdolmalek Rigi, who is a terrorist.

Sholevar (Zabol)

Written by Hamid Nematollah and Hadi Moghadamdoost, Sholevar is a 2018 movie starring Amin Hayaye, Zahra Hatami, and Darya Hayayee. The movie takes a closer look at the existential crisis that is affected the life of our protagonist, Amin Hayayee. The movie’s plot is about a man who feels that he is a nobody and hasn’t achieved anything fulfilling in life, which affects his whole life. The movie takes place in Zabol, and the atmosphere of the locations has helped a lot to the overall quality of the film. Sholevar is a movie that shows the concepts of jealousy and addiction very well.

What’s the time in your world? (Rasht City)

A movie about love and longing, directed by Safi Yazdanian and starring Leila Hatami and Ali Mosaffa. What’s the Time in Your World is one of those movies that, had it been filmed somewhere else except Rasht or the province of Gilan, would’ve not been this great. In fact, this movie has brought many locals and tourists to Gilan. A drama-romance story that gets to perfection with its locations, soundtracks, and background music.

whats the time in your world

One of the Top 10 Movies: What’s The Time in Your World? by Safi Yazdanian

Christophe Rezai, the music composer of the film, did a great job synchronizing the movie and the music with the locations. You will fall in love with Rasht if you watch this movie.

Gilaneh (Deylaman City)

Gilaneh is a 2004 drama and anti-war movie about the struggles of a mother during the hard times of war. The movie Gilaneh includes famous actors and actresses, including Fatemah Motamed-Aria, Bahram Radan, and Baran Kosari. The location of the movie is mainly in Deylaman, a beautiful area that is great for nature lovers. Gilaneh shows a mother’s courage, hardships, and love in the times of war in 1988 (Iran and Iraq war). If you want to watch an anti-war drama filmed in a beautiful location, Gilaneh 2004 is the best choice.

So Close, So Far (Mesr Desert)

So Close, So Far is a 2005 movie directed by Reza Mirkarimi. The film was a representative of Iran for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars. The movie features talented actors such as Alireza Phoenix, Masoud Rayegan, and Afshin Hashemi. The plot is about a specialist in neurology and a successful surgeon named Dr. Alam who devotes all of himself to his professional and social work and completely ignores his family and his relationships with his close friends. The film is about life, death, and parental love and discusses these ideas. The film includes beautiful desert locations and night skies that can be thrilling.

A Dragon Arrives! (Qeshm Island)

Written and directed by Mani Haghighi, featuring Amir Jadidi, Ehsan Goodariz, and Homayoun Ghanizadeh, A Dragon Arrives is a drama and mystery film produced in 2016. The movie is one of the best dramas that has 6 wins and 11 nominations on its record.

a dragon arrives

A Dragon Arrives by Mani Haghighi

A Dragon Arrives is a mystery and thriller film that tells the story of an abandoned shipwreck in the middle of the desert landscape and a dead prime minister who was shot in front of the parliament. The movie takes place in different locations, including Qeshm Island, and can be a good and exciting movie to watch.

The Wind Carpet (Isfahan City)

The Wind Carpet is about a Japanese designer who wants a custom-woven Persian Carpet and desires to take part in the Art Festival in her hometown. The movie is about the struggles of this Japanese designer and showcases the culture and art of the Iranian people, especially the people of Isfahan. The Wind Carpet was filmed in Isfahan and directed by Kamal Tabrizi. The movie stars are Reza Kianian, Rentaro Mikuni, and Takaaki Enoki. The movie has won 2 awards and 1 nominee, so make sure to watch The Wind Carpet and learn about Isfahan City. As one of the top 10 movies of Iran, we highly recommend watching this movie.

Don’t Be Tired (Kerman City)

Don’t Be Tired is about a Canadian couple who visit a desert in Kerman with the hope of fixing their uneasy relationship over the death of their son. These Canadian couple meet struggles on their trip, and the situation gets complicated when they face new problems on their hopeful trip. The movie is directed by Mohsen Gharaie and Afshin Hatami. The writers of the film are Reza Mirkarimi and Mohammad Rezaee Rad. Don’t Be Tired is a 2013 family drama that is worth watching. The movie takes place in the beautiful region of Kerman and shows lovely desert landscapes to viewers, which also adds to the cinematic beauty of the movie.

A Cube of Sugar (Yazd City)

Filmed in Yazd City, one of the top 10 movies A Cube of Sugar tells the story of a family gathering and a marriage that happens in an old house in an old city in Iran. A Cube of Sugar is directed by Reza Mirkarimi and features the Iranian stars Reza Kianian, Negar Javaherian, and Farhad Aslani.

a cube of sugar

A Cube of Sugar by Reza Mirkarimi

One of the brilliant facts about the movie is that all of the characters are well-played, and each one of them represents something in real life. The movie was filmed in Yazd, and we can hear the beautiful Yazdi accent. A Cube of Sugar is a must-watch film and has won several nominees and awards.

Movies about Iran Cities You Have to Watch

Watching a movie can be a fun activity. Iranian movies are well-known for their realism and beautiful approaches to the problems of society. By watching Iranian movies, you can also learn more about Iranian cities. You can gather information about the people of a region or even their culture. You can also check out different locations in Iran by only watching a film. For example, in the film What’s Time In Your World, one of the key advantages of the movie is its beautiful locations and sceneries, which make the movie enjoyable to watch and get interested in traveling to the province of Gilan. So, make sure to watch these top 10 movies and learn about Iran’s beautiful locations.

Final Words

Iran is a fascinating country that you can travel to any time of the year and still enjoy its different parts. There are many great locations to visit and enjoy their culture, nature, and history. One of the ways that travelers and tourists can choose their destination is to watch Iranian Movies and learn more about its cities and locations. This way, they can gather more information and determine their preferences better. If you want to travel to Iran, first watch some of their movies in different genres to have a better experience on your trip.

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