Sharayan Charity has been established to use the most up to dated science and technology to save the life of the children who are born with cardiovascular disorders.  This organization creates the proper infrastructure, facilities, and services to provide a healthy life for the children who are born or have developed cardiovascular and respiratory diseases until the age of 18. Also they have created an information bank of the latest achievements by the Sharayan to enhance people’s awareness and knowledge in this field.

To say IRAN DOOSTAN TOURS COMPANY is honored to be a part of this treasured program is an understatement. We have been blessed to have a contribution in this great act of humanity. Following the invitation by the charity we are going to join the meeting on March 4th, that is for the members, sponsors, and doctors of Sharayan Charity to meet each other and share their thoughts and plans to improve future opportunities for creating a healthy and happy life for our children and their families.

Hope we will accomplish great achievements on helping our great children to make them believe in themselves and follow their dreams.

Sharayan Charity team Sharayan Charity team