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Best time to visit Iran

When is the best time to visit Iran? Well, Iran is a four-season country offering a wide range of climatic conditions in every corner of the country. You may hear that generally speaking, spring and fall are the best seasons, however, it mainly depends on the purpose of traveling and types of Iran tours you have chosen. To consult us about tours to Iran, please do not hesitate to send an email to Stay with us to know more about Iran weather and the best time to visit Iran.

Lovely and mild Spring

Generally, spring is the best season for traveling to any destination, and traveling to Iran is not an exception. From March until May is considered high season in Iran. Ideal temperature, pleasant fresh weather, and also long day hours make this season a perfect one for traveling. This time of year is especially recommended if you aim to reserve a cultural tour to Iran because most cultural sites are located in the central parts of Iran, Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz are normally included in this type of tour and the best time to visit is spring. Besides that, it is interesting to know that from 21 March to 3 April is Nowruz (Iranian New Year) holiday in Iran and you will experience light crowds and plenty of tourists and cultural activities in Iran. Higher prices are expected during this season as well.

visit Iran

From March until May is considered high season in Iran

Hot scorching summer

Summer days in Iran are quite hot and there are fewer travelers around. Especially in the central parts of Iran, where two of the greatest Iran desert exists. However, summer is the best time to travel to the northwest and west of Iran, where extremely cold winter and cool pleasant summer are normally experienced. You can experience mountain climbing, trekking, and swimming in one of the most relaxing mineral hot springs in the northwest of Iran. Prices are often lower due to the hot weather, but there are regions with cool weather and breathtaking landscapes, so, traveling could still be a lot of fun; these including stunning waterfalls and rivers in Kurdistan province, and Aras Baran forests in Azerbaijan province that let you experience some adventure and camping in nature.

visit Iran-summer

Summer is the best time to travel to the northwest and west of Iran.

Cool and pleasant fall

Cool breezes of fall, call for many tourists to come and visit Iran. There are again many cities all over the corners of the country where traveling will be an opportunity. As the temperature turns cool by September, activities like trekking are normally demanded. Prices will be higher than summer but quite fair compare to the spring season. Fall offers a desirable opportunity for all types of tours to Iran, ranging from cultural tours, mostly in the central parts of Iran to many adventure tours such as trekking, hiking, even birdwatching in some lagoons and biosphere reserves in Iran.

travel to Iran

September to October is an ideal time to travel to Iran.

Cold and chilly winter

Iran enjoys extremely cold winters nearly in all provinces. However, there is still two good news for travelers; first, the southern coastline of the Persian Gulf is almost an exception, by this we mean you can enjoy mild and pleasant water sports or simply spending time in the astonishingly beautiful Persian Gulf islands. Second, winter in Iran offers an exceptional opportunity for ski lovers. Being on a budget destination, high altitudes, and good quality powdery snow are three convincing reasons to choose Iran for your next ski destination. Prices are quite low in winter and there are fewer crowds. Winter in Iran could be like heaven for many adventurers around the world.

ski in Iran

Iran weather: Winter in Iran offers an exceptional opportunity for ski lovers.

The most important thing that travelers should know is that most tours are designed to focus on sites located in the central parts of Iran. Iran weather offers its own advantages in every season and the type of tour they demand largely affects their best time to visit Iran.

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