Iran, a Wonderful Destination for Skiing

The ski resorts of Iran are among the most wonderful places that you can visit on your tour to Iran. The number of international Iran ski resorts went up from 4 pistes to 13 last month. Now there are four international pistes in Dizin, three in Shemshak, two in Tochal, two in Darbandsar, and two in Sahand. They are all located on the slopes of Alborz, North of Tehran, besides the Sahand Piste.

Dizin is the first ski resort of Iran. International ski federation elected Dizin as an international piste because of its good slopes and the length of its pistes. This ski resort sitting on the Northern slopes of Alborz Mountains has two hotels, nineteen cabins, and five restaurants. The ski season starts from late November to middle of May at this resort. Dizin has grass ski pistes as well.

Shemshak piste, established by the international ski federation after Dizin, has a shorter ski season, from late November to late March. It has two hotels and four restaurants. In Shemshak the skiing area is kept bright by light projectors for those who would like to ski or snowboard at night too.

Tochal piste in northern Tehran is the highest in the country. There is a hotel located in 3545m height on this mountain that is the highest hotel in Middle East.

Darbandsar piste located in a village with the same name is the newest piste in Alborz Mountains. Its highest point form the sea level is 3050m and the ski season starts from early December to mid-April.

Sahand is in East Azerbaijan province, 40minutes from Tabriz. This ski resort is open for skiing 6 months of a year and has 3 and 5 star hotels, suites, and apartments for rent.

Iran’s ski resorts are awesome destinations for your winter vacation and they compete with the European ski resorts. They welcome both alpine skier and snowboarders. And there are professional instructors if you need to hire one.

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