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Dizin Ski Resort: Weather & Snow Forecast, Map, Hotel

Have you ever been to a Dizin Ski Tour? Dizin Ski Resort, located in the Alborz Mountains, stands as the top skiing destination in Iran and is the first ski resort in the country that has received the necessary approval and standards from the International Ski Federation to host the world championships. With an international reputation, this important ski resort strictly adheres to technical considerations such as appropriate slope gradients and standard trail lengths in its construction.

The Dizin slope has a stunning view of the snow-covered Mount Damavand, which makes it an exceptional place for skiing lovers. Unlike many other ski resorts in the country, Dizin offers favorable skiing conditions for a significant part of the year, making it an outstanding destination for winter sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Types of Dizin Ski Slopes

Dizin Village has a total of 23 ski slopes, each offering unique experiences for skiers. Among the notable Dizin Tehran ski slopes are the Beginner Slope, Vipist Slope, Snow Park Slope, Chamoun Slope, and Yoo Slope.

Beginner Slope

Located in the northeast part of Dizin Ski Resort, above the Chamoun Restaurant, the Beginner Slope provides a safe and suitable environment for beginners in terms of slope and facilities. It also grants access to the Beginner Ski Lift, completed in 1975, with a length of 250 meters and a height of 10 meters.

Vipist Slope

Designed for advanced skiers and professionals due to its steeper incline, the Vipist Slope spans approximately 9 kilometers, offering access to high-altitude cable cars.

Snow Park Slope

Situated north of the resort, above the Chamoun Restaurant, the Snow Park Slope is a professional area for skiing. Accessible via the Dish Ski Lift, it serves as a space for skilled skiers and athletes to showcase their talents in exciting competitions.

tehran ski resort

The Famous Tehran Ski Resort, Dizin

Chamoun Slope

Unique to Dizin, the Chamoun Slope is the only ski slope open in the summer season, hosting international skiing competitions on grass. In the summer, it becomes a place for mountain biking, archery, kiteboarding, and more.

Yoo Slope

Adjacent to the Snow Park, the Yoo Slope, located above the Chamoun Restaurant, is ideal for professional athletes, skiers, and skilled snowboarders. It offers a challenging yet rewarding experience for those looking for advanced slopes.

Dizin Ski Resort Weather & Snow Forecast

Dizin Ski Resort, Located between 2550 and 3050 meters above sea level, offers an attractive combination of winter weather on most days of the year. With an average minimum and maximum temperature on the slopes fluctuating between -20 and +20 degrees Celsius, Dizin provides a chilly and refreshing climate for skiers. The area is characterized by pleasant, sunny days, making it an ideal destination for skiing.

However, if you are planning a trip to Dizin, it is essential not to ignore the need for warm clothing, suitable shoes, and necessary equipment. The Dizin forecast consistently promises favorable conditions for skiing, matching the region’s reputation as a prominent winter and summer tourist village in the broader Middle East. Do not forget to check the Dizin snow forecast for the latest updates on the skiing conditions.

Dizin Hotels

Due to the recreational attractions of the Dizin region, it attracts a significant number of tourists annually. Comfortable and suitable accommodations have been established to accommodate these visitors, allowing anyone intending to rent a villa in Dizin to pre-book their accommodation. For those who prefer hotel stays, the Dizin Grand Hotel and Gajereh Hotel are great options in the area. These first-class accommodations offer amenities, such as gift shops, restaurants, ski equipment stores, tennis courts, and paragliding facilities nearby.

Dizin Hotel

Dizin Hotels, Great Resorts for Leisure

Gajereh Hotel Tehran, another prominent choice in Dizin, offers a budget-friendly alternative to the Dizin Hotel, with complimentary services extending to the slopes. In addition, approximately 19 mountain cabins are scattered throughout the region, serving as charming accommodations for skiers. These wooden cabins contribute to the charm of Dizin, adding to its attractions for curious travelers.

Dizin Ski Resort Cable Cars

The difference between the cable cars and other types of ski lifts at Dizin Ski Resort lies in the fact that instead of simple, floating chairlifts in the sky, you sit in cabins at considerable heights, traveling from one station to another, each with unique characteristics in terms of altitude and accessibility.

Among the cable cars at Dizin Ski Resort are the “Shale Cable Car,” with a length of 1,750 meters and an altitude of 480 meters, the “Peak Cable Car,” spanning 1,950 meters with an altitude of 430 meters, the “Dareh Cable Car,” the longest cable car in Dizin at 2,480 meters with an altitude of 510 meters, and lastly, the “Chamoun Cable Car,” covering 1,480 meters with an altitude of 385 meters.

Dizin Ski Resort Map

The Dizin Ski Resort map is an essential guide for navigating the expansive and exciting slopes of this premier skiing destination in the Alborz Mountains. This detailed map provides visitors with a clear layout of the ski trails, chairlifts, and various facilities within the resort. The Dizin Ski Resort map helps you plan your routes, find key points of interest, and make the most of your skiing experience. From beginners’ slopes to challenging trails, the map ensures that visitors can easily explore and enjoy the diverse terrain that Dizin has to offer.

Dizin Ski resort map

Best Time to Visit Dizin Ski Piste

The best time to visit Dizin Ski Resort for a snowy skiing experience and winter fun in the cool heights of the Alborz Mountains is from late autumn (November) to early spring (April). During this period, starting from late autumn (Azar month) until early spring (Ordibehesht month), the Dizin slopes near Tehran are open and easily accessible.

dizin photos

Dizin Ski Resort Photos

However, even in the summer season, Dizin remains an attractive destination. It attracts many tourists due to its cool climate, green mountain scenery, and various competitions such as kiteboarding, mountain biking, and shooting. Additionally, as the only ski resort accessible during the summer, Dizin continues to attract visitors looking for a unique mountain experience in the warmer months.

How to Get to Dizin Ski Resort

There are two main routes to reach Dizin ski resort, one through Chalus Road and the other through Shemshak Road. Both routes offer scenic beauty, but if you are traveling from Tehran, the Shemshak route is closer. Keep in mind that this route involves winding roads that require a skilled driver. On the other hand, the Chalus route, starting from Karaj, always displays its unique charm and nature. Simply take the exit at Vali-ye Rud village towards the Dizin road, and you may even enjoy some of the beautiful sights along the Chalus road.

Final Word

Dizin Ski Resort is recognized as a top destination for winter sports lovers and offers a diverse range of slopes and facilities for all skill levels. With its breathtaking mountain views, modern cable cars, and a variety of slopes, such as the beginner’s slope, Vipist, Snow Park, and more, Dizin provides a unique skiing experience. When traveling to Iran, if you are interested in winter sports, visiting Dizin is a must. Enjoy the excitement of skiing, enjoy the scenic cable car, and make the most of the unique and exciting atmosphere that Dizin Ski Resort offers.

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