Travel Risk Map 2019: Iran is a safe destination to travel

Iran is one of the safest countries to travel. According to the 2019 Travel Risk Map, Iran is as safe as the U.K regarding security.

Launched by global risk experts International SOS in collaboration with Control Risks, the 2019 Travel Risk Map indicates the danger level of different territories and countries based on factors threatening travelers such as violent and petty crime, political violence (politically motivated war and unrest, insurgency, terrorism) and social unrest (sectarian, communal and ethnic violence).  More factors such as the effectiveness of the security and emergency services, the country’s susceptibility to natural disasters, and the robustness of the transport infrastructure are also taken into consideration to represent more detailed information.

The map categorizes countries based on five levels of risk: insignificant, low, medium, high and extreme. Luxembourg, Slovenia, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, and Greenland are the few countries in Europe to fall in the category of insignificant risk ones. The majority of European countries are considered low risk, including the UK.

Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and some other countries in the Middle East are recognized as low risk. Obviously, Canada, the US, Australia, and New Zealand are also low risk.

Most of the “Extreme” risk countries are in Africa and the Middle East including Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, South Sudan, Libya, and Somalia.

Iran is a safe destination to travel in 2019

Though the U.S. has recently announced re-imposing sanctions on Iran, the good news is that the world admits Iran as a safe country to travel. According to the 2019 Travel Risk Map showing the risk level in the world, Iran is as safe as many of the European countries to travel.

Iran is a great destination to explore due to its many cultural and natural attractions, long history, outstanding architecture, elegant gardens, scenic scenery, delicious Persian foods, remarkable wildlife, awesome waterfalls, deep canyons, vast deserts, high mountains, and more importantly friendly people. Therefore, it makes sense to put Iran on the travel bucket list and enjoy visiting such an ancient country in 2019.

Iran is a safe destination to travel

Iran is a safe destination to travel

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