Why You Shouldn’t Miss Skiing in Iran?

  • Why You Shouldn’t Miss Skiing in Iran?

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Skiing in Iran?

Great ski resorts plus plenty of one-of-a-kind attractions make you want to stay in Iran for the entire winter. Iran is not known as a ski destination in the world but it has 13 international ski pistes with a great quality chest-deep snow powder on the foot of its famed mountains. Plus Iran is one of the rarest destinations in the world where you can ski on its mountains and take a sun bath on the warm silver sands of Persian Gulf beaches, on the same day!

Ski resorts of Iran are among the most wonderful places that you can visit on your tour to Iran.

Dizin in Alborz Mountains, north of Tehran established in 1969, is the crown jewel of all ski pistes of Iran. Because of its snow quality, long pistes, and a lengthy ski season (late November to mid-May) Dizin was selected as an international piste by International Ski Federation.

Dizin gets seven meters of snow fall annually with “the snow quality as similar to that of the Rockies” as the legendary back-country skier Chris Anthony said. Summer activities such as grass-skiing and climbing are very popular at Dizin as well. There are two hotels, nineteen cabins, and five restaurants at the village for skiers.

Shemshak, Darbandsar, and Tochal are the other ski zones of Alborz Mountains. At Shemshak the skiing session doesn’t end by the dark, you can enjoy sliding down the steep slopes under the starry night and the bright light projectors.

Darbandsar piste located in a village with the same name is the newest piste in Alborz Mountains. Its highest point form the sea level is 3050m and the ski season starts from early December to mid-April.

If you dream of exploring one of ancient Silk Road’s most beautiful cities after a day skiing on a great powder snow, we must say your dreams will come true at Tabriz. There is an international ski piste close by Tabriz, known as the cultural capital of Iran. It is the best for art-loving skiers.

On hillsides of beautiful Sahand mountain the biggest ski resort of west of Iran extends in a 1200m length with a six months ski season. Sahand piest hosts a big number of skiers every season. Gondolas and chairlifts, hotel, villa, and restaurants are available at this piest.

Iran’s ski resorts are awesome destinations for your winter vacation and they compete with European resorts. Alpine skier and snowboarder are welcomed in all pistes of Iran.

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