Sharayan Charity on Sixth Mission to Save Kids

Sharayan Charity is on its sixth mission to save the kids with cardiovascular problems and give them the gift of a healthy life. Another team of international doctors came to Iran to operate on the kids of Sharayan in Dr. Lavasani hospital in Tehran.

Sharayan Charity is a nonprofit organization in Iran that cures kids with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. This organization is earnest to create a path for the people who want to donate money, knowledge, time, and love for the kids in need. Sharayan organization creates the proper infrastructure, facilities, and services to provide a healthy life for the children who are born or have developed cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Also, they have created an information bank of the latest achievements by Sharayan team to enhance people’s awareness and knowledge in this field.

Iran Doostan Tours Co. (IDT) as one of the sponsors of this charity joined the team of international doctors in Lavasani hospital to visit the kids who were given another chance to have a better life with the healing hands of the wonderful doctors. We saw mothers who were in tears of extreme joy seeing their lovable children are cured and able to live a normal life like other kids.

We are extremely happy for being a part of this valuable organization and are given the opportunity to spread joy and happiness to the world.