Iran visa in Turkey

How to get Iran visa in Turkey? (Istanul and Ankara)

If you are planning to travel to Iran, then visa is mandatory. Taking a look at international travelers’ reviews reveals that Turkey, compared to other countries, is the easiest and fastest place to get Iran Visa. Here’s an overview of how to get an Iran Visa in Turkey.

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Who needs a visa to visit Iran?

Due to Iran’s recent visa policy to facilitate the entry of legal visitors into this country, most nationalities are allowed to receive the visa on arrival except for 10 nationalities that require it in advance including Colombia, Somali, England, Canada, USA, Bangladesh, Jordon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.
Citizens of seven nationalities are allowed to enter Iran without visa and stay here for the specific decaled time, including Syria, Leboneng, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Egypt, Venezuela, Malaysia, Armenia and Georgia. Holders of USA passport need a guided tour in Iran and holders of Israel passports cannot visit Iran. To avoid fruitless attempts in getting Iran visa, your passport should not show an evidence of traveling to Israel.

Steps to get Iran Visa

Applying for Iran visa in Turkey, you may or may not need an authorization code depend on your nationality, remember to check your own nationality’s situation at the time of applying for Iran visa. To get an authorization code, search through the internet, find a company, fill out the online form that issues authorization code for Iran visa. The cost to get the code depends on nationality, where you want to collect the visa and whether you request normal or fast service.
While filling the form, be sure about your name’s spelling and other details, since they must exactly match your passport information. In addition to your personal information, an important part of this form is your itinerary for Iran and how long you are going to stay.
Getting the authorization code is the most important step in visa application and once you get the code, you can get the visa that day. However, going through the normal visa process including filling in the forms, fingerprints, taking photos and payment is Inevitable. You have 30 days to collect the visa from the date of issue and it is only valid to the mentioned consulate.

Iran visa in Turkey

Where can you apply for Iranian visa in Turkey?

Looking at the reviews by other travelers, suggest that Istanbul and Ankara are usually the easiest to apply for Iranian Visa.

Review1: Iranian visa in Istanbul

I just picked up 30 day tourist visa. Paid 50eur for Dutch nationality and three working days processing.

All took me three hours at the consulate. Had to wait for the man behind the window to make phone calls and confirm my authorization code. Procedure was straightforward and easy: filling out an application form, giving a passport-size picture and payment at the bank. Three days later, collected my visa in 2 minutes!

Review2: Iranian visa in Istanbul

Hello silk roaders!

Today we got our visas for Iran in Istanbul (Spain nationality)

There were two options:
Express visa: 1 day, 75€
Normal visa: 1 week, 50€

Really easy process, wo passport photos and the authorization code is needed, then you pay at the bank across the street, fill the form and the day after you will get your visa!

Review3: Iranian Visa in Ankara

I applied for Iran Visa 2 weeks ago with my Portuguese passport. I got the authorization code within 3 days

Th required documents at the Iranian embassy in Ankara are 2 colored photocopies of your passport; a photo and your passport.

There they gave me a simple form to fill in, told me to go to the bank to pay 50E and come back with the receipt. The bank is across the street.

Returning from the bank receipt, they gave me a receipt and kept all the documents and passport, told me to return to collect the visa on the Friday(3 days later). On Friday I collected my Iranian visa valid for 30 days.

Required Documents to get Iran visa

It does not matter which city you are applying for visa; is it in Istanbul, Trabzon or Ankara, try to be at the embassy or consulate before 9 am. Documents you need to have with yourself include:

Passport (with at least 6 months until the expiration date)
Two passport photos (females should cover their head)
Your Authorization Code
Details of your accommodation in Iran
Details of your tour itinerary or cities you plan to visit in Iran (Main tourist spots are recommended to be mentioned which are Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Persepolis city and Tehran)
Details of your entry point into Iran (most will put Gurbulak to Bazargan)
Enough money in Euros for your payment (You will not pay money in the consulate, you will pay in the bank they give you the details about; only proof of payment is required to collect your visa).

If you are indented to visit Iran, visa arrangement is normally done by Iran Doostan Tour Company through making a phone call or an sending an email and it usually takes a minimum of 14 working days in Iran except for British, USA and Canadian passport holders for whom the visa application process will take a minimum of 60 working days.

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