Happy 29 April, National Persian Gulf Day

Happy national Persian Gulf Day. On 29 April, 1621 Shah Abas of Safavid with the help of English troops took back the Hormoz Island from Portuguese and forced them out of the Hormoz strait and Persian Gulf.

Persian Gulf is the body of water that separates Iran Plateau from Saudi Arabia is an extension from Indian Ocean, but throughout history some countries have tried to change the name of Persian Gulf.

In 1840 UK tried to change the name of Persian Gulf to Britain Sea. Also US started addressing Persian Gulf by the name Arabian Gulf as their ties deepened between with Saudi Arabia since World War II. In 2005 National Geography published a world atlas and put Arabian Gulf in parenthesis next to the name Persian Gulf. Google and Google Map also used the term Gulf or Arabian Gulf.

In 2006 Iran’s government passed the bill of choosing a national day for Persian Gulf to put an end to any confusion about the name of Persian Gulf and they used 29 April because of its importance in Persian history.

Iran banned the publication of National Geography and Economist in Iran because they did not refer Persian Gulf by its real name.

In 2006 United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names printed a document named Historical, Geographical, and Legal Validity of the Name: Persian Gulf, so no publication or media would “damage its own international credibility” by using any other name for Persian Gulf.

It is our greatest honor to celebrate the beauty and magnificence of Persian Gulf every year.