Delicious Taste of Coffee in a Mozif

The Mozif has been nominated to become another Iranian legacy in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The experience of having coffee in this structure can become a real highlight of a tour in Iran.

People of Khuzestan province are known as one of the most hospitable in Iran. They believe guests are sacred and a blessing for the residents of a house. In Iranian architecture, one special room for hosting a guest has always had a high importance. Shah Neshin room in ancient Iranian home is the real example of this belief. The Iranian architecture designed the Shah Neshin room on the best location of the house that receives the best light during the day also the best natural air conditioner.

The Arab residents of the Khuzestan province have a special structure for their guests too. They have a reception room in their house or outside the building named Mozif. Mozif is a respected structure to receive and host the guests. The material used to build the Mozif is reed only. Some people make the Mozif with the same material they have made their houses but the traditional material is reed only.  Mozif has a very simple structure; it is a rectangular room of almost 11m by 3m with a 4m height. The door opening is placed toward Mecca and is made in a short height so every person who walks in will bend to respect all those who have seated in the room. In your tour in Iran if you travel to the south regions of the country you will see Mozifs out of some cities to welcome Iranian and non-Iranian tourists.

After the newly-entered guest greets everyone the coffee-man brings coffee for the guest. In the south regions of a tour in Iran, you will realize that drinking coffee has special customs and traditions among Arab people. The woman of the household grinds and roasts the coffee but the process of making the coffee is the husband’s responsibility. He must boil the coffee on the coal with extra care. The pot in which Arabs make their coffee is called Dallah, and the cup is called Finion. The guests in the Mozif share the Finion.

The coffee-man starts serving the coffee from the right side of Mozif. After a Finion with coffee is brought to you, you drink the coffee then if you don’t want more coffee you must shake the Finion without talking and pass the cup to the next guess. And if you would like more coffee you don’t shake the cup and the Finion will be filled with more dark and delicious Arabic coffee.

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