Cultural Tourism Festival of North Khorasan on the Silk Road

According to Ghadir Afroond, deputy tourism investment and financing in North Khorasan province, Cultural Tourism Festival Silk Road with provincial officials, Bojnord citizens, travelers, tourists and pilgrims of Mashhad Reza, will officially start its operation on 4th Aug in the area of ​​the Baba-Aman.

At the opening ceremony of the festival, which will be held Tuesday 4th Aug at 20:30pm, speeches, cultural events and variety of artistic shows, entertainment and games, theater, music, etc. will be held too.

Mr. Afroond continues, this event is based on request of the headquarter of the provincial organization of travel services from General Administration of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism for holding at least one event-tourism during summer breaks. This event being organized based on these criteria and aims to maximize the capacity and public exposure of North Khorasan handicrafts, souvenirs and attractions.

 The main purpose of this festival is to introduce North Khorasan as a new potential tourism destination both for local and international visitors. According to official censuses, each year 20 million visitors and pilgrimages (Visiting Imam Reza Shrine), pass through this route. Although in the past North Khorasan was just a pass through point, but during recent years especially after independence of this province as a separate province, cities of North Khorasan become better known to visitors. Tourism department plans to introduce a broader and more attractive picture of tourism destinations of this province. To accomplish this purpose, cheap one-day and half-day tours being planned for those who are interested to explore some of these attractions and sites.

Handicraft narrates relatives living in North Khorasan beliefs that were woven in a Gilim (traditional rugs) and carpet, Charuq (traditional shoes), local clothing, felting, traditional weaving , and in fact expresses the historical and cultural identity of these people. In the case of traditional arts and crafts booths of handicrafts have been introduced in this festival.

Of the beginning of each tribe, music formed within that tribe too. And form an integral part of that culture which is based on the beliefs and customs of ethnic groups, different from each other, and accompany them during suffering and joy. Musical instruments at the provincial level have high of diversity, such as: Dotar, fiddle, Qhoshmeh, timpani, trumpets and a tambourine. During this Iranian festival each night a local band will perform different ethnical music of different tribes and culture of Khorasan and also Iran.

The plan design of festival structure is based on Robat Eshgh (love joint) Karevansara. The entrance of this structure as well as inside Hojre (shops & rooms) is based on ancient Khorasan architecture in Karvansaras. This cultural and historical festival is strategically located in Baba-Aman recreation center on Bojnord-Shirvan route, 10 Kilometer from the city. Baba-Aman is an important tourism point in North Khorasan, since it is both a natural and historical attraction for visitors.

Tourism department is ready to answer any question regarding to this event. This Festival is operating daily from 10am till 1pm and 5pm till 11pm. This Festival will be hold for 1 month from 31st of July till 31st Aug.

Source: North Khorasan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Department

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