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Anhor Lokomotiv Park Tashkent: Photos, Location

Located in the heart of Uzbekistan, Tashkent is the capital of colorful scenes that will enlighten every soul. The vibrant capital of Uzbekistan is home to various attractions and tourist sites. It is worth noting that this region was a strategic location for different cultures and ethnic groups. Today, Tashkent has developed a lot among other Central Asian capitals. One of the most beautiful sights to explore in Tashkent is Anhor Lokomotiv Park, which is excellent for a relaxing and joyful experience in Central Asia. In this article, we are going to introduce Anhor Lokomotiv Park.

Anhor Lokomotiv Park Overview

What is a good trip without checking out some of the highlights of the destination? Opened on August 8, 2016, Anhor Lokomotiv Park is one of Tashkent’s most popular attractions. The park is popular with both tourists and locals. It is the most visited location, especially in spring and autumn. In other words, Anhor Lokomotiv Park is the definition of beauty and relaxation and could be a joyous experience if you are interested in exploring recreational parks and facilities. This park has a variety of amusements and is a major attraction worth visiting in Uzbekistan.

The park covers about 8 hectares, which is quite large and expansive. In addition, the Anhor Lokomotiv Park includes a variety of leisure activities that tourists and locals can try out. Nevertheless, the park is generally excellent for creating memorable experiences. Visitors to the Anhor Lokomotiv Tashkent can enjoy the vibrant and calming atmosphere of the area.

Anhor Lokomotiv Park Location

The Anhor Lokomotiv Park is located in the Shaykhontohur district in the heart of Tashkent. The area of this recreational park is amazing for doing various activities. The park is easily accessible and close to one of the most beautiful rivers running through the city center. The park is designed to provide ease and convenience for tourists by having several attractions, museums, hotels, and restaurants around its location.

Anhor lokomotive photos

Anhor Lokomotive Park Photos

You can find some of the best restaurants and coffee shops in the area of the park and enjoy delicious tastes and cold and warm drinks. Some of these restaurants are Efendi Food (A famous Turkish restaurant), Kamolon Osh Labzak (a family-friendly restaurant), and Halva Art coffee shop. In addition, there are other facilities around the park, such as the Labzak Hotel, Anchor Mall, Minor Mosque, and Monument of Courage. These attractions and facilities are only a few minutes from the park, which is great for exploring the stunning city of Tashkent.


Shaykhontohur district, Labzak Street, 12/1



Features of the Anhor Lokomotiv Park

The Anhor Lokomotiv Park is huge and one of the best leisure parks in Tashkent. The park features various activities to do. One of the first noticeable things about this park is its karting track, which covers more than 12 thousand square meters, while the racetrack’s length of the unique building is 540 meters.

According to the Anchor Lokomotiv Park administration, more than 42 karting of four types are provided in the facility designed for children, beginners, and professionals. The park also includes a variety of fun machines and activities that are enjoyable. A climbing wall, a rope town, and a large playground are other exciting parts of the Anhor Lokomotiv Park.

The park also features a diverse range of unique attractions such as “Mill,” “Struggle with a Shark,” “Star fly,” “Retro Carriages,” “Pirate Ship,” “Sea Rocket,” “and Mirror Labyrinth” and many others. Attractions of the Anhor Lokomotiv Park make this site unique for children and adults.

Anhor Lokomotiv Park Reviews

The Anhor Lokomotiv Park is very popular among the people of Uzbekistan. The park is one of the oldest and most visited parks in Tashkent and is among the most traveled places by tourists. The park is great for leisure activities and spending a pleasant holiday with friends and family.

anhor lokomotiv location

Anhor Lokomotiv Park Location

Decorated with trees, green areas, nice buildings, and amazing colors, the Anhor Lokomotiv Park is unlike any other area in the region. Therefore, if you are visiting Tashkent and want to enjoy your vacation, Anhor Lokomotiv Park is one of the best spots to check out. Overall, if you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience during your visit to Uzbekistan, you simply cannot miss out on this park. This fascinating destination is a true gem, offering visitors a fun and exciting adventure ride.


Anhor Lokomotiv Park in Tashkent is a unique recreation facility that will enhance your traveling experience to Uzbekistan. The park is excellent for leisure and entertainment. It is the ideal place for creating extraordinary moments with your friends and family. You can enjoy the lovely weather and explore the park’s green areas. You can also experience some of the best leisure activities inside Anhor Lokomotive Recreational Park. So next time you visit Uzbekistan, check out the Anhor Lokomotiv Park in the heart of Tashkent in the Shaykhontohur district.

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