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Minor Mosque, Tashkent, Uzbekistan: Photos, History

Uzbekistan is known for having the oldest and most beautiful mosques in Central Asia, a combination of modern architecture and the Soviet era. History is evident in all the historical attractions of this country, demonstrating the culture and civilization of this country over many generations. Historical mosques are not only a view of religion but most of them are included in the list of tourist attractions of a region because of their unique architecture. These mosques are a kind of reflection of taste, art, and attractive architecture in different periods of history. 

One of the top attractions and mosques of Uzbekistan is the Minor Mosque, which will fascinate you with its beauty. The luxurious Minor Mosque stands out from the moment you enter its premises and looks like a shell on the ground. The entire facade of this mosque is made of white marble stones, and it shows that the people of Uzbekistan still know how to show the beauty, mystery, and stunningness of Islamic mosques to the audience. The nave of the mosque has a beautiful mihrab and roof, and it was built with great skill.

Minor Mosque History

Minor Mosque is one of the newly built spectacular mosques in Tashkent, which was built in the new area of the capital. The construction of this mosque began in the summer of 2013 by the order of the President of Uzbekistan, and then it was opened on October 1, 2014, one day before the start of a festival called Eid; after its opening, this building became one of the biggest spiritual centers of Muslims in Tashkent and Uzbekistan. The Muslim clerical department and the government budget contributed to building this magnificent mosque.

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Minor Mosque in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Minor Mosque is not only a place for prayer but also a recreational area to enjoy the sights and landmarks of the city. The mosque is on the shore of the Ankhor Water Tunnel, which has a very beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. This building is also very popular with locals, who like to walk in the evenings and rest. This enormous mosque has a capacity of more than 2400 people and has all the amenities, including washing rooms equipped with all the necessary facilities for locals and visitors.

Minor Mosque has a large and circular prayer room with an altar in the form of a semi-circular niche that shows the direction of Mecca. The altar is decorated with a thin layer of gold and heavenly verses of the Quran. The prayer hall has two floors, and two doors are installed on both sides. Two 38-meter minarets at the main facade give the mosque a beautiful symmetry.

Architecture of Minor Mosque

Although Uzbekistan is a small country, its people have incredible expertise and skill in building and designing traditional mosques. The design and architecture of the Minor Mosque are a manifestation of oriental and Uzbek art and architecture. Due to its white marble facade, this mosque has a very luxurious and different appearance from other mosques. Because of the white marble on display, it is also known as the White Mosque. The first feeling appearing in the viewer’s mind after seeing the mosque is purity and peace. The dome of this mosque is also turquoise in color, which shines beautifully in the sunlight and looks like a tall tower climbing to the sky.

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Minor Mosque Architecture

More Information to Visit Minor Mosque Tashkent Uzbekistan

There is no need to pay an entrance fee to visit the courtyard of the Minor Mosque. The public is free to visit the mosque’s outdoor area, but only men are allowed to enter the mosque itself.

You do not need to cover your head or remove your shoes while visiting. Of course, shoulders and legs must be covered.

Approximate duration of visit: 30 minutes

Address: Little Ring Road, Tashkent, 700113, Uzbekistan

The Best Time to Visit Minor Mosque

Since Tashkent has a warm climate, its summers are hot and dry. Therefore, the best time to travel to Tashkent and to visit Minor Mosque is spring and autumn. Also, when the sun sets, the mosque becomes much more spectacular, as the orange sky and the white structure of the mosque form a contrast that is enjoyable to visit and photograph. Meanwhile, the mosque is more crowded in the mornings, but the atmosphere of the mosque is mostly quiet and peaceful.

Final Words

Tashkent is a small city but full of diverse and spectacular attractions. If you travel to this beautiful city and you like Islamic and oriental architecture, be sure to visit the Minor Mosque. Visiting this charming mosque is pleasant, gives you lots of peace, and does not take much of your time.

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