Accor Hotels Is the First International Chain Hotels that Opens in Iran

French leisure group Accor opens two hotels- Ibis and Novotel- at Tehran’s international airport next month. The French ambassador to Tehran, AccorHotels’ chief executive Sebastien Bazin and representatives of Iranian company Aria Ziggurat, signed the contract for opening the two of best known chains of Accor hotels in Tehran.

During the ceremony on Tuesday Sebastien Bazin expressed his optimistic view about this partnership. “A rich culture a super geography and incredible architecture and people of your country have a true sense of hospitality; all those good reasons make me absolutely confident that in the next five, ten, fifteen, thirty years Accor is truly there as a friend to help you grow and to help you present yourself to the outside world to increase the numbers of people visiting your country so that’s a commitment for me you know the Accor Hotel has made this commitment in ninety countries in the world, we have been in China for forty years, we have been in Brazil for thirty-five years, we are in Chile, Columbia, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, wherever every time we go, we go for twenty thirty years.

I know it will not be easy, we will have some up and downs but what I promise you is offer the good days and the bad days I should never ever disappoint you.

We’ve made an additional commitment the person here on the front row has been Accor head of Middle East for other ten years. He decided to leave to the Middle East and to be one-hundred percent dedicated to your country on my behalf, so I have to thank you for this commitment but I have to tell you that it is an enormous pleasure and privilege to be in front of you and hopefully you will invite me again and I will be there as a friend, as a partner as somebody who is going to be your showcase and hopefully your ambassador to the world.”

Iran is a treasury to many cultural, historical, and landscape phenomena. After the Vienna deal between Iran and the six participant countries, new doors will open for a new generation of relationships between Iran and the outside world.

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