Dune Adventuring in Iran

What about adding some adrenaline dose to your travel to ancient Persia? You don’t need to overdose on mosques and historic homes during your visit in central Iran at cities of Isfahan, Kashan, and Yazd. The sand dunes in deserts of these regions will make your trip more interesting than what you think. You can slide down the soft and gold sand of high dunes with your board to spice up your tour to Iran.

Iran has two big deserts. One is the Dasht-e Kavir that expands from south of Alborz Mountains down to the central region and the other is Lut Desert on the south-east, a UNESCO world heritage site that holds the title of the hottest spot on earth, and is the most mysterious part of Iran.

For sand boarding you must be ready for a good amount of workout and calorie burning session because this sport is a combination of climbing, surfing, and snowboarding. There are no ski lifts carrying you up the hill so you need to climb up the dune yourself. It is better to start your activity at the crack of dawn and carry some water with you. Sand boarding is more fun than boarding on the snow because the soft sand makes falling more pleasant!

The highest sand dunes of Iran are at Varzaneh, Rig Zarin, and Rig Yalan regions.

Varzaneh desert, in Isfahan province, is the final destination of the living Zayanderud River that originates from the rocky Zagros Mountains. Varzaneh has the biggest number of dunes among other deserts of Iran. On top of dunes, you have the view of Gavkhooni Wetland.

Rig Zarin in Lut Desert, Yazd province, is another sand boarding destination. After visiting Meybod and Chak Chak, the most sacred Zoroastrian fire temple, you can walk barefoot on the warm sand and slide down the slopes with your board.

Rig Yalan region in Lut has the highest sand dune of Iran and the third highest in the world. You will have a major adrenaline rush when you slip on the banks of a 500m tall sand dune. The mysterious beauty of Lut desert and its unique Kaluts mesmerizes any traveller.

Sandboarding might not sound such a relaxing or romantic vacation but it would definitely be a fun activity with a group of daredevil friends. Let’s see how adventurous you get on the scalding hot sands of a desert.