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  • The Pearls of Iranian Desert

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The Pearls of Iranian Desert

Travel ID: CT/02

Be ready to be surprised by the most stunning sites and hospitable people for the next 14 days. Tehran the capital on the foot of the Alborz Chain Mountains is filled with old and modern landmarks. The Golestan Palace a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a masterpiece of the Qajar era in the heart of the city. The next visit is the Ganjnameh, an ancient carved inscription on the side of Mount Alvand in Hamadan. Bisotun in Kermanshah, Tchogha Zanbil Ziggurat in Ahwaz, Persepolis, and Pasargadae near Shiraz, Imam Square, and Jame Mosque of Isfahan are other world heritage sites that you will visit in your tour to Iran. In the middle of the Silk Road, there is a city that is known as the pearl of the desert. Beautiful Yazd with its numerous windward is the house of Zoroastrian fire temples, Madrasahs, and mosques. The one and only eco-camp of Iran in Matinabad desert, the Fin Garden of Kashan, and the historic town of Abyaneh are the wonders of the Iranian desert that you will get to see.

Tour Itinerary Duration

14 Days & 13 Nights

8 Cities

Bed & Breakfast

    Arrive at the airport and continue to the hotel.

    • Visits:
    • ACC: Hotel in Tehran
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 47.5 KM
    • Time: 42 Min
  • DAY 02 Tehran city tour
    Have breakfast and start city tour.

    • Visits: Golestan palace, National museum, Jewelry museum and Grand bazar
    • ACC: Hotel in Tehran
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance:
    • Time:
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Golestan palace
  • DAY 03 Toward the capital of the first kingdom of Iran
    Have breakfast & head toward Hamadan.

    • Visits: Avicenna tomb, Ganjnameh inscription , Abbas Abad hills
    • ACC: Hotel in Hamadan
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 320 KM
    • Time: 4 hrs
  • DAY 04 Kermanshah; The Largest Kurdish city of Persia
    Have breakfast and drive to Kermanshah via Kangavar.

    • Visits: Anahita temple, Bisotun inscription, Tagh- e- Bostan & Bazar
    • ACC: Hotel in Kermanshah
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance:189 KM
    • Time: 3 hrs
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE:  Bisotun inscription
  • DAY 05 The roar of Karun, Ahwaz
    Have breakfast and leave Kermanshah for Ahwaz.

    • Visits: Pol-Dokhtar, Apadana palace, Chogha -Zanbil Ziggurat
    • ACC: Hotel in Ahwaz
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 501 KM
    • Time: 6 hrs & 32 min
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Chogha -Zanbil Ziggurat
  • DAY 06 Towards the city of poetry
    Have breakfast, drive to Shiraz.

    • Visits: Tang e Chogan , The ancient city of Bishapur
    • ACC: Hotel in Shiraz
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 565 Km
    • Time: 8 hrs
  • DAY 07 Discover the ancient capital
    Have breakfast, drive to Marvdasht , after visits drive back to Shiraz.

    • Visits: Persepolis, Naghsh e Rostam necropolis
    • ACC: Hotel in Shiraz
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 61 KM
    • Time: 1 hour
  • DAY 08 City of Spring Orange and Narcissus
    Have breakfast and start full day city tour.

    • Visits: Nasir-ol-molk mosque, Eram garden, Vakil bazaar and mosque, Karim khan citadel from outside, Hafez tomb, Ali ebn e Hamze holy shrine interior mirror work
    • ACC: Hotel in Shiraz
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance:
    • Time:
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Eram garden (One of the nine Persian style gardens)
  • DAY 09 Tomb of the Achaemenid emperor
    Have breakfast and head toward Yazd.

    • Visits: Pasargadae, Thousand year old cypress of Abarkuh
    • ACC: Hotel in Yazd
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 456 KM
    • Time: 6 hrs
  • DAY 10 The city of aqueducts
    Having breakfast and start exploration.

    • Visits: Zoroastrian Tower of silence & Fire temple, Fahadan old quarter, Jamme mosque, Dowlatabad garden, Mir-Chakhmagh complex, Zour-khane (The ancient Persian gym)
    • ACC: Hotel in Yazd
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance:
    • Time:
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Dowlatabad garden, Zour-khaneh
  • DAY 11 Toward Half of the world
    Have breakfast, leave Yazd for Isfahan.

    • Visits: Narin castle of Meybod, Jamme mosque of Naeen
    • ACC: Hotel in Isfahan
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 326 KM
    • Time: 4 hrs & 30 min
  • DAY 12 City of Turquoise Domes
    Have breakfast and start visits.

    • Visits: Imam Square, Imam & Sheikh Lotfollah mosques, Ali-ghapu palace, Bazar, Chehel sotoon , Iconic bridges
    • ACC: Hotel in Isfahan
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance:
    • Time:
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Imam square, Chehel sotoun palace
  • DAY 13 The starry night
    Have breakfast, visit several monuments and leave for Matinabad Eco Camp.

    • Visits: The Vank Cathedral, Friday mosque, Jamme mosque of Natanz, Abyaneh Clay village
    • ACC: Eco Camp
    • Meals: Breakfast & Dinner
    • Distance: 228 KM
    • Time: 3 hrs & 30 min
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Friday mosque
  • DAY 14 The blue sky of the desert
    Have breakfast and leave camp for Kashan.

    • Visits: Fin garden, Taba-tabaee & Borujerdi traditional houses, Aghabozorg school
    • ACC: IKA airport hotel
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 275 KM
    • Time: 3 hrs & 15 min
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Fin garden (One of the nine Persian style gardens)
  • DAY 15 Departure
    Transfer to the output terminal of IKA for departure flight.

    • Visit: –
    • ACC: –
    • Meal: –
    • Distance: 47 KM
    • Time: 44 min

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  • Anahita temple
  • Apadana palace
  • Tagh e Bostan
  • Bistoun
  • Hafez tomb
  • Persepolis
  • Naghsh e Rostam necropolis
  • Golestan palace
  • Pasargadae
  • Eram garden
  • Dowlat-abad garden
  • Amir-chakhmagh sq.
  • Tower of silence
  • Pirnia house
  • Naghsh e Jahan sq.
  • Imam mosque
  •  Sheikh lotfollah Mosque
  • Ali-ghapou palace
  • Chehel Sotoun Palace
  • Fin garden
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