Waste Separation at Source: The first step to go green

Have you ever wondered what will happen to the unseparated wastes? Can it be recycled? Well, the very sad answer is; No! Contaminated waste, paper, or plastic bottles that are smeared by food leftovers or other unsorted waste will cost more to be processed and recycled. So, in many cases, the contamination will not allow the plastic and paper to be recycled and they will, unfortunately, end up in a landfill. Waste separation at source is the key factor to avoid such contamination and maximize the recovery of useful waste.
Besides being cost-saving, there are also other important reasons why waste segregation is encouraged, that is protecting the citizens’ health and also the environment. Once plastic reaches the environment, it contaminates the food chain through the water supply, agricultural soil, or even food. These toxic combinations can lead to an array of health impacts, including inflammation, genotoxicity, oxidative stress, apoptosis, and necrosis, which are linked to a number of negative health problems such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, auto-immune conditions, neurodegenerative diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, chronic inflammation, and stroke.
Since plastics have proved to benefit society in various ways, sustainable future consumption will prevent the public and environmental health hazards. As the first step toward sustainability and also as a part of our social responsibility, we, at Iran Doostan, have been committed to waste separation at source from the very beginning. The main and long-term goals of Iran Doostan, in line with sustainable tourism, include tourism efficient & eco-friendly waste disposal, maintaining the environment, and minimizing the environmental damages.
Another step toward sustainable performance is green policy signs you can see everywhere in our company. These are often aimed at small actions with big impacts, such as using fewer toilet papers or plastic bags to prevent harming the environment. We believe that considering these effective daily routines would lead to remarkable touch on the future on the Earth planet.
It is worth mentioning that as a sustainable travel agency in Iran, this company has done practical environmental activities in this direction so far. You can read more about Iran Doostan company taking voluntary steps towards sustainable tourism.If you have  plan for traveling to Iran and you care about social responsibility and green tourism, please do not hesitate to contact us via
Sustainability is the only alternative to fight against the present challenges and our future on the planet is highly dependent on it.

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