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Tashkent Metro: Map, Stations, Ticket Price

Metro systems have always been the easiest way to commute and get around, especially in big cities.
Tashkent is the modern capital of Uzbekistan. Once upon a time, Tashkent was one of the important metropolises of Central Asia during the Soviet Union. But After its independence in 1991, Tashkent experienced great cultural changes. Tashkent Metro in Uzbekistan is more than a normal subway system. The subway system of Tashkent is considered one of the most beautiful and operational metro systems in Central Asia. The Tashkent Metro is a different world built beneath the surfaces of the world’s most seeable city, Tashkent.

Tashkent Metro

Taking a metro in Tashkent is a very different experience. By taking a Tashkent metro, you are choosing to see limitless cultural arts and the heritage of Uzbekistan. It is a beautiful journey to behold the history and culture of the Uzbek people. Tashkent Metro is not only operational for taking a trip to the capital city of Tashkent, but it is also an underground art gallery with plenty of inspirational architecture from the Soviet period of Uzbekistan.

Nowadays, the Tashkent metro system is considered one of the most seeable metro systems in the world. An interesting fact about the Metro Tashkent is that for a long time, due to national security and the significance of the Tashkent metro, photography & videography was not allowed in the metro stations. But after 2018, photography was no longer prohibited.

uzbekistan metro


Today, you can easily take photos and videos in the Tashkent metro without problems. The guards of the stations are very friendly and helpful. Metro Tashkent has become one of the main attractions of Uzbekistan in recent years.

Tashkent Metro History

Knowing a little bit about its history would be very helpful to gain a better perspective of Tashkent Metro.
Being a doubly landlocked country, Uzbekistan had many tragic natural events in its past, including the major earthquake in 1966. Uzbekistan was an important part of the Soviet Union, and Tashkent was one of the major city models for the USSR during that period. After being hit by the earthquake, the Soviet Union decided to build the city from zero, which resulted in the first subway system in Central Asia in 1977. The first line of metro systems, which opened in 1997, had only nine stations.

metro tashkent 2022

Tashkent Metro Station

The first line was extended in 1980, and the second line was added later in 1984. Since then, Tashkent Metro has been operating for more than four decades. In Soviet ideology, metro systems played a big role in demonstrating Soviet life. Tashkent Metro is a combination of soviet ideology and Uzbek culture. Tashkent’s metro system is unique in Central Asia, representing the culture of a nation in an underground art gallery.

Tashkent Metro Stations & Routes

The world’s most beautiful metro consists of 3 regular lines and 1 circle line with a 59.5 km total length and 46 km/h Average speed. The lines of the Tashkent metro are designed in a way that every sector of the capital can communicate easily.

The first line or the red line, called “Chilonzor” opened in 1977 with a 23.7 km length and 17 stations. The second line (blue), called “Oʻzbekiston” on the Metro Tashkent map with 11 stations, began its operation in 1984. The Yunusobod line on the Metro Tashkent map, with 8 stations, started operating later in 2001. The last line on the Metro Tashkent map is the Circle line or Halqa, which was built in 2020 with 7 stations.
Some of the Important lines of Tashkent Metro are Chilonzor Line and Oʻzbekiston Line.

metro tashkent map

Metro Tashkent Map

Best Metro Stations of Tashkent

Each station of the Tashkent metro is a modern masterpiece. There are many traditional patterns and portraits of Uzbek heroes, poets, and philosophers. Every station is somehow an illustration of Uzbekistan’s culture and history. Also, different events, parades, concerts, reading zones, and libraries were periodically opened and took place at some metro stations in Tashkent.


The Paxtakor station was opened in 1977. This colorful station represents the cotton-picking industry of Uzbekistan, which has played a huge role in Uzbekistan’s culture. The mosaic walls are simple and colorful. The geometrical patterns on the wall are very stunning and unique.


The Kosmonavtlar station is another unique station of the Tashkent Metro. Kosmonavtlar station is dedicated to cosmonauts, especially important soviet cosmonauts like Yuri Gagarin or Valentina Tereshkova. The design and color scheme of the Kosmonavtlar station is absolutely perfect. You can enjoy seeing the different cosmonauts’ portraits.

tashkent metro

Tashkent metro, a modern masterpiece.


Another unique station in Tashkent Metro is the Bodomzor station, located in Tashkent’s business district. The Bodomzor station was opened in 2001, and it is considered the newer station of metro Tashkent. With the geometric patterns on the ceilings and impressive modern light in the wide waiting hall, this station looks very similar to Hollywood movies.

Alisher Navoi

The Alisher Navoi station is an outstanding station dedicated to the great Muslim poet Alisher Navoi. Decorated with a symmetrical domed ceiling, beautiful patterns, and incredibly painted walls, The Alisher Navoi station is a must-see in the Tashkent metro.

Uzbekistan’s Tashkent Metro is an amazing underground attraction. Many other stations are beautiful and worth visiting. For instance, Toshkent, Mustakillik Maydoni, Gafur Gulom, Chilonzor, Beruniy, and Tinchlik are other stations you can visit.

Is Metro working in Tashkent Today?

If you are having a trip to Uzbekistan and planning to visit the underground art gallery of Tashkent, Metro Tashkent’s working hours in 2022 run from 05:00 in the morning until midnight every day. The peak hours of Metro Tashkent’s working hours are in the mornings and evenings from 7:30 to 9:00 and from 17:00 to 19:00. Also, during some holidays, the metro opens earlier. The breaks between every train are usually about 8 minutes.

metro tashkent timings

Tashkent Metro is open every day from 5 a.m.

Tashkent Metro Ticket Price

Visiting the metro stations of Tashkent Metro is a fun and enjoyable activity. You not only can see an amazing art gallery underground, but you can also enjoy the air conditioning system during your visit on hot summer days. Besides, you can reach most of Uzbekistan’s attractions by the metro system.

Tashkent Metro ticket prices are very affordable and economical. You can buy tickets in form of a QR ticket for only 1400 Uzbeki Som or 0.15 cents. The QR ticket remains valid after purchasing and using it only once. As long as you don’t exit the metro station, you can enjoy traveling by train.

Another World Beneath the Surface

Commuting by metro is a convenient way to travel around the capital of Uzbekistan. However, taking the metro to see the attractions of the city is a different experience in Tashkent. Here in Tashkent, metro stations are another world within the undergrounds of the city. The metro stations of Tashkent Metro are visually spectacular. Each one of them is a separate attraction and shows the history of Uzbekistan. The people of Tashkent are very proud of their amazing metro stations, as it is one of the most interesting metro systems in the world. Tashkent metro stations are among the most beautiful stations in the global.

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