ACE TO ACE – London to Beijing Expedition. 14 motorcyclists are putting together an equally international team of riders planning to get to the Capital of China!

They left London on Apr.25th.2015 for their final destination the Capital of China (Beijing) within 80 days.

Their trip can be taken through the routes by passing by Istanbul (Turkey), Tehran (Iran), Samarkand (Uzbekistan) and Everest Base Camp (Tibet) and finally arriving in Beijing on July the 13th.Adventurous riders arrived in Iran on May.12th continuing the routes by taking the Silk Road in Iran for 9 days.

Mr. M. Ali Vaghefi the General Director of Iran Doostan Tours Co. as the Organizer of this Motorcycle expedition tour to Iran informed us about the beginning of this trip that took place in the famous popular Ace Café in London for the bikers in UK.

In a week the bikers were crossing 10 European Countries such as Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece to get to Turkey. And their trip to Iran from Turkey took about one week and arrived in Iran on Tuesday the May.12th.

Different nationalities such as British, African, Russian, Australian and German can be seen in this Motorcyclist team.

According to the pre organized program from the IDT, travelling in Iran starts from Tabriz, Bandar Anzali, Masouleh, Ramsar, Tehran, Gorgan and Bojnourd within 9 days and they will leave Iran for Ashgabat – Turkmenistan on May.20th. the adventurous riders will continue the routes through Uzbekistan, Tibetan highlands and finally arriving in Beijing on July.13th.

Alright dude! Let’s rub elbows with biker guys…”

The Motorcycle expedition experts are scheduled to pass 12,000 miles ride from London to China to attend the grand opening of the new Branch of Ace Café in Beijing on July 13th and because of this event, the expedition is named “Ace To Ace”

The most exciting part of this trip with long distance of 12 thousand miles they are aimed to arrive in Beijing through the Silk Road and Tibet Mountain within 80 days they would stop at Everest Base Camp.

There is also a competition in this long way expedition tour between Mercedes, Yamaha, Triumph, BMW Motorcycle brands as well.

Kevin Sanders will be riding the Triumph Explorer on this epic journey. “ It’s the first time I’ll have taken Triumph’s large adventure bike on one of our expeditions and I’m excited to see how it performs on what is our most extreme motorcycle trip.”

Kevin and Julia Sanders are an English motorcyclist husband and wife noted for overland long-distance riding. They hold two Guinness World Records. The first was achieved in June 2002 by circumnavigating the world by motorcycle in 19½ days. The second was completed on 22 September 2003, riding the length of the Americas from Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, United States to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina in 35 days and breaking the previous record by over 12 days.