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Palangan Village Kurdistan: Architecture, Facts, Photos

The Palangan Village, also known as “The Lost Paradise of Kurdistan,” is a historical village in Kurdistan Province in the west of Iran. The Palangan Village is composed of stone-made houses built in staircase architecture descending the mountain slope. This village is a valuable property to the local people of Kurdistan Province, and because of its unique structure, visitors from all around the globe come to see this extraordinary location.

About the Palangan Village Kurdistan

Palangan village is one of the best sightseeing spots in Kamiyaran, one of the cities of Kurdistan province. Kamiyaran City is situated on the border of this province and Kermanshah Province, which is upon the start of the Hewraman region. The distance between Kamiyaran and Sanandaj is 43 miles, and the distance between Palangan and Kamiyaran is 35 miles.

The captivating village of Palangan is located in a mountainous area and at the foot of the Shahu Heights, with a beautiful and scenic nature where travelers can find peace and quiet during their visit.

The southwest of this village is surrounded by the mountains of Kol and Serlu, and the southeast is surrounded by Zaman-Griveh Gorge.

The village is about 1020 meters above sea level. The Palangan Village has a moderate and dry climate and welcomes many tourists in spring and summer with mild and pleasant weather. In autumn and winter, despite the village’s cold weather, it has beauty and inspiration of its own.

Palangan Village dates back to the time before the Islamic period in Iran. Moreover, due to the village’s one-of-a-kind structure, Iran has registered this location in the country’s national heritage list.

What Does “Palangan” Mean?

In Persian, the word “Palang” means Leopard. In the past, leopards used to live in the mountains of this area, and for this reason, the locals call it “Palangan”, which means “Leopards”. The word “Pal” in Kurdish means support or something to lean on. This is why the name of this village is related to leopards.

Get To Know More about Palangan Village in Kurdistan

On your way to Palangan village, you will pass a pleasant road with stunning views. At the end of this route, you will come across the middle of the mountains and the heart of a valley called Tangivar to Tangiyur. This is where Palangan Village is waiting for you, where you will be amazed by the upcoming view and overwhelmed by the spectacular architecture and the beautiful and heartwarming nature of the village.

Palangan Village Kurdistan

Palangan Village in Kurdistan

When you enter Palangan Village through a dirt road, you will see the unique scenery of tall oak trees and the agricultural land. It will feel like you are driving into another world. For this reason, this dirt road is known as the entrance to the hidden paradise.

Palangan is a terraced village with welcoming Kurdish families who live in stone-made houses next to each other cordially. The houses are built on both sides of the Tangivar Valley. In this village, there are no multi-storied houses or apartment buildings; rather, you will come to see houses on both sides of the valley and its eastern and western slopes.

While strolling inside the village’s porches and yards, you will see women and girls in their local and colorful clothing who are getting prepared for their daily work. In the afternoon, the locals set up an evening table and sometimes spend their time chatting with other women in the neighborhood after returning home from an exhausting day on the farms.

Palangan Village Kurdistan Architecture

Palangan Village is the perfect example of a terraced village in Kamiyaran in Kurdistan province. Just like the historic Abyaneh Village, Palangan Village has a similar architecture in which the roof of each house serves as a yard for the neighbor’s house living below them. The village is built in a stairway fashion, descending to the foot of the valley.

The people of Palangan have built their houses on the gentle slope with materials that could be found in their living environment, such as stone, wood, and mud, without using mortar. These materials were placed on top of each other in dry stone, and the façade of the houses were covered with mud. Although today, the houses are repaired over time and made with new materials. The back alleys of the village are narrow and long. Locals meet and greet one another in these alleys and spend time together talking.

Palangan Village Facts

The people of Palangan village are Kurds and Sunnis who speak the “Orami” dialect and, like other Muslim Iranians, they celebrate Eid al Fitr, Eid al-Adha, and the Prophet’s birthday, and have their own special ceremonies like other Kurdish citizens of Iran. Iran Kurds are well-known for their hospitality and courageous spirit. They are one of the most recognized Iran Ethnic Groups around the world.

Palangan iran

Kurdish Celebration in Palangan Village

Some of the Palangan Village Ceremonies are:

New Year: The locals set up a large fire and then begin dancing Kurdish on the roof of the houses or on the bank of the Tangiyur River. This spectacular ceremony is the perfect time and opportunity to travel to Palangan, where you will get to see the friendly people of Palangan and their customs and traditions, in addition to seeing their ancient ceremonies and the famous Kurdish dance.

Local Games: There are many local sports and games in Palangan village. Male villagers are often skilled in horse riding. Qol Qalan and Chak Chak are two other popular games that are commonly played in the village.

Local Music: Kurdish customs have a very special richness, and the people are very passionate about their ceremonies. They have all kinds of happy and sad songs that are played in different ceremonies like New Year or Funerals. One of these types of Kurdish music is Sieh Chamaneh, a chanting which is a common form of singing and playing instruments in the village.

The Palangan Villagers have dance groups. One of these groups is called Halperki, which is a group of families of men and women who hold each other’s hands and perform their traditional Kurdish dance. This dance is very popular among the locals during ceremonial occasions like weddings.

What Souvenirs Can You Buy from Palangan Village?

Palangan residents engaged in many daily activities. Some of them can be agriculture, animal husbandry, handicrafts, and fishing. On the west side of this village, you can see fruit orchards, which are one of the tourist attractions of Palangan Village. They grow wheat, barley, and fruits such as pomegranates, peaches, apricots, and figs and even get all kinds of dairy products such as buttermilk and curd from the kettle. The dairy and fruits are the most important products of this village. In addition, you will find fresh fish and natural sweet honey from local farms, which you can buy from the residents on your trip to Palangan.

Palangan Tourist Village

Stepped Village in Kurdistan

Let us not forget the handicrafts of this historical village, which are the artistic skills of the talented women of Palangan Kurdistan. Giweh weaving (or traditional shoes) and Jajim weaving (flat-woven textiles made of colored natural fiber) are handicrafts of Palangan people that you can purchase.

Visiting Hours for Palangan Kurdistan

You can visit the Palangan Village on any day from early morning to night. There are no entrance fees for visitors. But let us tell you that Kurdistan is one of the best Iran spring destinations that everyone loves to visit. So, make sure to free your time in spring to visit Palangan village in Kurdistan.

Final Words

Kurdistan province is one of the most beautiful provinces of Iran, whose valuable natural, historical, and cultural attractions are very popular among tourists. Palangan village is truly one of the most beautiful villages in Kurdistan, with a unique staircase structure built by its residents. In Iran, there are 15 villages constructed with such structures.

The history of the village, along with the architectural and natural attractions, as well as the various traditional ceremonies in Palangan village, have attracted tourists from different parts of the country and the world for years. As one of the most spectacular villages and a tourist attraction, the Palangan Village Kurdistan Iran offers the best experience to its visitors.

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