In Memory of the Originator of Ecotourism in Iran

Mohammad Ali Inanlou passed away last week in Tehran as a result of heart failure. He was a journalist and film maker in ecotourism in Iran. Inanlou was the first person who taught ecotourism in Iran and made many documentaries about Iran’s nature and wild life. He was a former champion in volleyball and shooting but for the last 40 years he traveled all over Iran several times to inform people about the crucial subject of preserving our nature by making documentary TV shows.

Protecting the nature has always been a concern for IRAN DOOSTAN TOURS until we made Iran’s first eco-camp “Matin Abad” that in 2014 it became one of 18 best practices in sustainable ecotourism in the world by United Nation Sustainable Development.

Now there is a huge void in our heart after Inanlou. His memory will live on in our hearts forever.

Inanlou and Mr ali Vaghefi