Matinabad eco-camp has been placed among world’s 18 top ecotourism sites with best performance in sustainable tourism.

Matinabad Desert Camp & Organic Farm is one of 18 best practices in sustainable (eco) tourism initiated by governments, NGOs, and private sectors, in developing countries, including SIDS, with potentials for replication elsewhere.

Matinabad Desert Eco-camp & Organic Farm was established in 2008 by a group of experts in tourism and naturalists who want to provide tourists with an opportunity to experience adventures close to nature. The best practices were collected and analyzed by four main criteria: Conservation, Community, Culture, and Commerce, initiated by The Zeitz Foundation, the main pillars of sustainable (eco) tourism.

In the company of seasoned naturalists, tourists will experience treks with a camel ride or walk; they can ride bikes through waves of sand and mountain valleys and even enjoy desert walks on the beautiful starry nights. Safari trips with Jeeps or ATV bikes and harvesting in our organic farm and orchards are what you can experience in Matinabad Eco-camp activities. Also, staying in old caravanserais and nomadic tents is one of the actions of this eco-camp to provide a different experience for environmentalists.

One of the main goals of Matinabad Desert Eco-Camp is to create tourist attractions along with taking care of nature. As mentioned before, Matinabad desert resort is built based on sustainable tourism. Among the actions of utmost importance in Matinabad are using renewable resources, waste management, and the construction of organic farms.

Matinabad eco-camp, due to climatic conditions in the region, is privileged to be able to farm a variety of fruits and vegetables in all seasons without using chemical pesticides. Matinabad takes pride in the highest standard of service and cuisine. Food and supplies are mostly the product of the organic farm of the camp, and we provide this remote region with opportunities for economic growth through responsible tourism.

Located between the dunes of sand and vast semiarid grass-covered plain is the camp with modern facilities. Located approximately 45 km from Kashan, as the first Iranian Eco-Camp, we offer you unforgettable adventures close to the local people and the breathtaking nature of the desert.