International Earth Day

Earth Day is going to be 46 years old this year. Earth Day, born in US in 1970, is celebrated on April 22, to raise awareness about protecting the environment. However we believe every day is the Earth Day. Every day we must remember that this lonely blue planet that we live on is the only home we have and we are responsible to reserve it for other species and next generations to see and enjoy its unique beauty as we did. Since 1950 humans have caused ALL the global warming on earth which is absolutely terrifying and has put the Mother Earth in a serious danger.

This year’s theme is “Trees for the Earth” which sets the goal of planting 7.8 billion trees over the next five years that marks the 50th anniversary of International Earth Day. Because of this wonderful theme Iran Doostan Tours’ (IDT) digital marketing department decided to add a new gorgeous member to the little greenhouse at their office and bought cactus flowers for all the company board members, as a symbol to remind us that we are obligated to live responsibly to build a healthy environment and maintain it for the future generations.

Earth day