Exhibition of 42 Masterpieces in the Museum of Capital

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is added to the long list of great sights to visit in the capital for Iran’s guest visitors.

According to The Telegraph News, Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art is displaying a new collection that was stored in its basement for more than 35 years. After the revolution of 1979 a number of art masterpieces created by Western artists was banned form public display because they do not match the Islamic rules.

Since Iran decided to sit for the nuclear negotiations the tourist industry has witnessed a sharp peak. Fortunately Iran is becoming the next must-visit destination for visitor travelers and business investors. The world has started to see the great potentials of this country in tourism industry.

As one of the first steps Iran’s Ministry of Culture has taken toward opening the country to the visitors is displaying 42 paintings of Western artists that were kept away of public eye for the last 40 years. Among these valuable paintings are the great works of Jackson Pollock’s Mural on Indian Red Ground, Andy Warhol’s 1963 acrylic Suicide, and Francis Bacon’s Reclining Man with Sculpture.

Iran’s Culture Minister Ali Jannati visited the display last week and told AFP news agency: “This is a first step and we hope to have more mutual cooperation to showcase outstanding Iranian artists as well as displaying more works from our foreign art collection.”

Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art has a valuable painting collection from the late 19th to the mid-20th century that is estimated to worth $3billion. 30 Picassos, a dozen Jasper Joneses, and at least 15 Andy Warhols are in this great archive.

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