travel to Iran as an American

Can you travel to Iran as an American?

Wondering whether U.S. citizens can travel to Iran or not? Here’s the answer! There might be many political issues that are unpleasant to hear about, but Iran is a welcoming country that is open to visitors from all around the world! Even if you travel to Iran from America, Canada, or Britain, there is nothing to worry about. Rest assured that Iran is a safe and hospitable destination for all travelers. As an Iranian tour operator with 30 years of experience operating incoming tours to Iran, we have had the honor of welcoming many Americans, Canadians, and British citizens to Iran in the past years, and we would like to shed light on the issue in this article so that you can make your call to travel to Iran fearlessly.

Iran Visa for U.S., U.K., and Canadian Citizens

The Iran visa issuance procedure is quite fast and convenient. We are pleased to offer our services for obtaining an Iran visa of approximately one-month duration, which is extendable in Iran. Iran visa fee is different for each nationality. Iran tourist visas are usually arranged through Iran Doostan Tour Company for many applicants from various countries except Israel.

However, the Iran visa application process for US citizens and UK and Canadian passport holders will take a minimum of 60 working days, and Iran visas on arrival will not be issued for citizens of the United States, Great Britain, or Canada.
There has been an update for issuing visas for certain citizens, and you can check the list of countries that are now eligible to travel to Iran without a visa for 15 days, which is non-extendable. Get in touch with us for more information.
The visa application process for Iran generally involves the submission of a passport, photographs, and payment of visa fees. For some countries, additional documents may be required, and our team can assist you.
So please allow 60-90 days to obtain a visa before departure.

You will need to provide additional supporting documentation when applying for your visa.
For US, UK, or Canadian tourists, any time spent in Iran outside of the duration of the tour could be facilitated by the local host (Iran Doostan tour operator), and our dear tourists must be accompanied by the tour guide assigned to the trip.
If you wish to spend additional days in Iran, please contact your booking agent for recommendations on extra accommodation requests.
If you have already decided to travel to Iran as an American, there is only one form to be filled out with your passport details.
Please note that the visa fee is different for each nationality. You can find out the amount you must pay, by contacting us at

Is it safe to travel to Iran as an American?

Now that you learned US citizens are allowed to travel to Iran, safety issues might be your next concern. It is no secret that there have been many political issues in the past decades, however, this fact has not deterred enthusiastic tourists from traveling to Iran. Here’s the latest news about Iran’s safety.

If you are looking for the truth, do not go for it through the mass media, instead, search for tourists’ experiences in Iran, which gives you a clear and true image of this glorious country. In order to gain a better understanding of Iran, we have a number of guest blogs on our website that you can read.

An amazing experience awaits you here!

Fortunately, we have a lot to talk about on this topic! Added to the rich culture and fascinating natural landscapes, Iranians are so warm-hearted and friendly that you will experience a positive culture shock as an American! They would welcome every opportunity to chat with you in tourist attractions while you are enjoying your trip in this country. You should not be surprised to be invited to locals’ houses for lunch and dinner as many tourists in Iran have been! Iran is famous for having the most hospitable people in the world. And there are loads of other intricate details that make Iranian culture unique.

If you still have questions on whether the US, UK, and Canadians can travel to Iran, or you have queries about an Iran visa or even how much it costs to travel to Iran, please do not hesitate to email us at

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