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Bisheh Waterfall, Lorestan (Photos, Reviews, Location)

Lorestan is a province that boasts one of the most pleasant weather conditions and is a lush and fertile land in the west of Iran. Lorestan Province has many natural and historical attractions for journeyers to visit. In this Province is the Bisheh waterfall, which is one of the natural treasures of Khorram Abad in the small town of Durud.

This town is located in the Papi district, Sepid Dasht city, and in the heart of the Bisheh village, it’s where this beautiful waterfall resides. Bisheh Waterfall is regarded as one of the most popular attractions of the Lorestan region.

In this article, we plan to introduce you to the extraordinary Bisheh waterfall and get familiar with one of the tallest waterfalls in Iran and the world.

About Bisheh Waterfall

Bisheh waterfall is situated near the vast oak forests and the beautiful village of Bisheh, and the passage of the train through this fresh and dense forest has made this place into a pleasant landscape for locals and travelers.

The cool and refreshing weather of the region and the greenery of its trees, as well as the spectacular mountains, have attracted many visitors worldwide. At the top of the waterfall, there are many springs and cascades that pour from the heart of the mountains, and the water’s soothing sound whispers crossing through the middle of the train station, which then forms the eye-catching Bisheh waterfall.

This waterfall has a height of 48 meters, and after the water reaches the first point on the ground, it flows down about 10 meters below the rocks. The width of its crest is 20 meters.

After visiting the Bisheh waterfall, you should also visit the famous Bisheh village. The large village of Bisheh is located near the Majarut waterfall, and the villagers have a relatively close relationship with the residents of the surrounding towns and travelers who travel to the village to visit this waterfall. This village embraces one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran.

Bisheh Waterfall Location

Lorestan province is considered a rich source of tourist attractions in the country and has amazing nature, a nature where you will enjoy the greenery and the tenderness of the plants. You will be amazed by the eccentric formations of the rocks and their geological phenomena.

bisheh waterfall photos

Bisheh Waterfall Photos

Bisheh waterfall is located 18 miles southwest of Durud town and 40 miles east of Khorram Abad County in Lorestan. Keep in mind that the 18-mile route between Durud town and Bisheh town is only possible by train. If you plan to travel by car to get to the waterfall, your journey will be longer, and you will have to drive about 50 miles to reach your destination.

Among the other tourist attractions of Lorestan Province, we recommend the magnificent castle called “Falek El Aflak,” the historical cave “Kalmakare” in Pol Dokhtar City, the plain “Laleha Vajgoon” of Aligudarz, and the lake of Gohar Durud.

Bisheh Waterfall History

Lorestan is the land of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran and the world, and you can see the most magnificent and breathtaking waterfalls in this province. Bisheh Waterfall is the 48th national treasure of Iran that was registered in Iran’s natural heritage list by the Cultural Heritage Organization in 2007.

Best Time to Visit Bisheh Waterfall

Undoubtedly, spring and the freshness and greenery of this season is the best time to go for a Bisheh waterfall hike, step into the abundant forests of Lorestan, and see this beautiful waterfall in the heart of nature. In addition, during autumn, due to the presence of colorful trees in the forests, this place has a special elegance, and you will be amazed by its beautiful scenery.

In winter, the frozen water of the waterfall creates a rare scene and is worth visiting at this time of the year if you enjoy the cold. But note that during winter, you must be more cautious of the harsh conditions.

Activities You Can Do While Visiting the Bisheh Waterfall

Are you ready for an adventure at Bisheh Waterfall? Whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape or an adrenaline-filled experience such as kayaking, there’s always something for everyone. Get ready to explore the natural beauty of the waterfall with these exciting activities you can enjoy:

Relax and observe nature

the beautiful view of the waterfall, the lush landscape surrounding the waterfall, and the soothing sound of the water create a beautiful and striking scene of nature and create a relaxing sensation within your spirit.

bisheh waterfall reviews

Beauty of Bisheh Waterfall

Tour the Bisheh Village

In addition to visiting this dreamy waterfall, don’t forget to go around the traditional village of Bisheh and experience the beauty of this village during your excursion.


The beautiful nature of Bisheh and its enchanting waterfall is the best place for photography and recording pleasant and unforgettable memories with friends and family.


The beautiful and mesmerizing nature of Bisheh Lorestan region is a suitable place for family trips and enjoying the scenery with friends and acquaintances.

Other amenities

parking, restrooms, a platform made for passengers to rest by the waterfall, a shore, campsites, local markets, telephone posts, drinking water taps, available electricity and power, a house for medical matters, and a police station is at hand by the waterfall.

Necessary Items to Take During Your Visit

As a traveler, we all carry the necessary items we need when journeying. Some of those items we recommend are sunglasses, sunscreen, extra clothes, a backpack, meals and snacks, medicine, and ointment if needed, waterproof clothing, cash, an ID card, a mobile charger, a power bank, a camera, first aid kit, trash bag, matches or lighter.

If you are camping, you can bring a tent, blankets, sleeping accessories, a sleeping bag, extra shoes, a notebook, hiking sticks, firewood, and coal.

Bisheh Waterfall Accommodations

During your visit, you can stay in Bisheh village and stay at the local houses or guest houses. If you want a more unique stay closer to nature, we suggest camping around the waterfall. By the waterfall, there are camping accommodations that allow you to rest in the middle of nature. You may also set up your tent on the platforms provided for campers in this area and reduce your distance from nature.

Bisheh Waterfall Reviews

Lorestan is a land of beauty and wonder. The mesmerizing Bisheh Waterfall has gathered countless visitors, both natives and foreigners, for so many years. Most of the travelers adored the scenic view of the water pouring down the brink and creating a cool, fresh air down the cascade. A land where the presence of man dates back to prehistoric times and has seen many ups and downs over the centuries.

bisheh waterfall location

Bisheh Waterfall, Major Attraction of Lorestan

A trip to Lorestan is a trip to the far and near past of Iran, a trip to the unique and spectacular nature of Zagros Mountain Ranges, a trip to the plain of overturned tulips, to waterfalls, rivers, and springs, and to oak forests as well as the soaring mountains of Iran.

Final Word

Despite Lorestan Province’s historical, natural, and cultural sights, this luxurious location has not been known widely by the globe. The Bisheh Waterfall photos will tell you all about this glorious spot in the Middle East. All in all, the tourist attractions of Lorestan and Khorramabad province are so spectacular that words do not have the power to describe the excellence and beauty of this piece of paradise in Iran.

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