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  • A Tour to Iran’s UNESCO World heritage Sites

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Iran Heritage Tour: A Tour to Iran’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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It is a-dream-come-true for the art and history lovers. In Iran Heritage Tour, you can truly see and absorb all the glory of Iran. With twenty-four UNESCO world heritage sites, Iran is one of the countries in the world with the most tourist attractions. Imagine visiting the magnificent prehistoric ruins in Persepolis and Pasargadae, stunning architecture in Isfahan, ornate domes and minarets in Yazd, dreamy Persian gardens in Shiraz and Kerman, Tabriz ancient bazaars, and many more breath taking monuments plus the scrumptious Persian cuisine and super friendly people; it will be an amazing trip of a life time.

Iran Heritage Tour Itinerary Duration

20 Days & 19 Nights


Bed & Breakfast

  • Airplane
    Arrive at IKA Airport, greetings & transfer to the hotel.

    • Visit:
    • ACC: Hotel in Tehran
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 47 KM
    • Time: 44 min
  • azadi tower
    DAY 02 The Capital
    After breakfast, we will start city tour.

    • Visits: The National Museum, Golestan Palace, Jewelry Museum Or Carpet Museum, Glass and ceramic museum, Tabiat (nature) Bridge
    • ACC: Hotel in Tehran
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance:
    • Time:
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Golestan Palace
  • bazaar of tehran
    day 03 Towards the south-west
    After breakfast, we do a short visit,then,continue to the Mehrabad airport & fly to Ahwaz.

    • Visits: Tehran old grand bazar
    • ACC: Hotel in Ahwaz
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 824 KM
    • Flight duration: 1 hour & 20 min
  • zigurat
    day 04 Elamite civilization
    After breakfast drive to Susa.

    • Visits: Apadana Palace, The Tomb of Daniel, Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat, The ancient Watermills of Shushtar
    • ACC: Hotel in Ahwaz
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance:
    • Time: –
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Susa, Shushtar watermills, Chogha-Zanbil Ziggurat
  • Iran Heritage Tour
    Day 05 The sassanid ancient cities
    After breakfast, drive towards Shiraz.

    • Visits: Sassanid ruins of Bishapur, Tang-e-Chowgan rock reliefs
    • ACC: Hotel in Shiraz
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 552 KM
    • Time: 7 hrs & 41 min
  • eram garden, shiraz, iran
    Day 06 City of Poetry and Spring Orange
    After breakfast, the city tour starts.

    • Visits: Eram Garden, Nasir-ol Molk Mosque, Vakil mosque,Vakil Bazaar, Tomb of Saadi, Tomb of Hafez, Shah-Cheragh holy shrine
    • ACC: Hotel in Shiraz
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance:
    • Time:
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Eram Garden (One of the nine Persian style gardens)
  • persepolis
    Day 07 The glory of Persepolis
    After breakfast, we drive to Marvdasht.

    • Visits: Persepolis, Naghsh e Rostam necropolis, Pasargadae
    • ACC: Hotel in Shiraz
    • Meal:  Breakfast
    • Distance: 272 KM
    • Time: 3 hrs & 40 min
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Persepolis, Pasargadae
  • sarvestan
    Day 08 Shiraz-Kerman
    After breakfast, full day drive to Kerman.

    • Visits: The ruins of Sassanid palace in Sarvestan
    • ACC: Hotel in Kerman
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 580 KM
    • Time: 7 hrs & 10 min
  • shazdeh garden
    Day 09 Paradise In The Desert
    After breakfast drive to Rayen via Mahan.

    • Visits: The Mausoleum of Shah Nematollah Vali, Shazdeh Garden, Bam castle, Ganjali khan complex
    • ACC: Hotel in Kerman
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 189 KM
    • Time: 3 hours
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Shazdeh Garden (One of the nine Persian style gardens), Bam castle
  • Zurkhaneh
    Day 10 City of Windbreaks
    After early breakfast, we leave Kerman to Yazd.

    • Visits: Zurkhaneh(Ancient Persian gym), Zein-o-din caravanserai
    • ACC: Hotel in Yazd
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 368 KM
    • Time: 4 hrs & 5 min
  • dowlatabad garden
    DAY 11 Toward Half of the world
    After breakfast, we start visits and then,drive towards Isfahan.

    • Visits: Zoroastrian Fire Temple & Tower of silence,Fahadan old quarter, Jamme mosque, Amir-Chakhmagh sq., Dowlatabad garden, Jame mosque of Naeen
    • ACC: Hotel in Isfahan
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 313 KM
    • Time: 4 hrs
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Dowlatabad Garden, the old landscape of the Yazd
  • isfahan
    DAY 12 City of Turquoise Domes
    After breakfast start city tour.

    • Visits: Naghsh-e Jahan square., Qeysariyeh Bazaar,Shah Mosque, Ali-qapu palace, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Chehel sotoon palace, Iconic bridges of Si-o-Se-Pol & Khajoo
    • ACC: Hotel in Isfahan
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance:
    • Time:
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Chehel Sotoun Palace
  • fin garden
    DAY 13 On the edge of the desert
    After breakfast, we do rest of visits and then, drive towards Tehran.

    • Visits: Friday mosque, Vank cathedral, Fin Garden and Tabatabaei House of Kashan
    • ACC: Hotel in Tehran
    • Meal:  Breakfast
    • Distance: 450 KM
    • Time: 5 hrs
    •  UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Friday mosque, Fin Garden (One of the nine Persian style gardens)
  • soltanyeh dome
    Day 14 Tehran- Qazvin- zanjan
    After breakfast, drive towards ZAnjan via Qazvin.

    • Visits: Chehel Sotun  palace, Imamzadeh Hossein Shrine, Soltaniyeh Dome, Archaeological Museum of Zanjan
    • ACC: Hotel in Zanjan
    • Meal:  Breakfast
    • Distance: 330 KM
    • Time: 4 hrs & 30 min
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Soltaniyeh Dome
  • Iran Heritage Tour
    After breakfast drive to Ardabil via Khalkhal Road.

    • Visits: The Tomb of Sheikh Safi, The Museum of Anthropology
    • ACC: Hotel in Ardabil
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 261 KM
    • Time: 3 hrs & 45 min
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: The Tomb of Sheikh Safi
  • Iran Heritage Tour
    DAY 16 East Azarbaijan
    Having breakfast and leave the city to Tabriz .

    • Visits: Tabriz  Grand Bazaar, Arg-e-Ali Shah, blue mosque, El Goli Park
    • ACC: Hotel in Tabriz
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 227 KM
    • Time: 3 hrs &  30 min
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Tabriz Bazaar
  • Iran Heritage Tour
    DAY 17 Jolfa
    After early breakfast, head towards Jolfa, to have an excursion.

    • Visits: St. Stepanos monastery, Qareh Kelisa (St. Thaddeus monastery ), Marand
    • ACC: Hotel in Tabriz
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 628 KM
    • Time: 9 hrs
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE :St. stepanos monastery, St.Thaddeus monastery (Collection of old Armenian churches)
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    DAY 18 Caspean sea
    After the early breakfast, we drive towards the Gilan province.

    • Visits: Masouleh village, Anzali port
    • ACC: Hotel in Bandar Anzali
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 468 KM
    • Time: 7 hrs
  • anzali lagon
    Day 19 On the green path
    َAfter breakfast, we do some visits and then drive to Tehran .

    • Visits: Fish Market, The Anzali lagoon, The Museum of rural House of Gilan
    • ACC: Hotel in Tehran
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 366 KM
    • Time: 5 hrs
  • Airplane
    Day 20 Departure
    Transfer to the output terminal of IKA for departure flight.

    • Visit:
    • ACC:
    • Meal:
    • Distance: 47 KM
    • Time: 44 min
Iran Heritage Tour

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Iran Heritage Tour


  • Golestan palace
  • Apadana palace
  • National museum
  • Hafez tomb
  • Persepolis
  • Naghsh e Rostam necropolis
  • Pasargadae
  •  Eram garden
  • Dowlatabad garden
  • Amir-chakhmagh sq.
  • Tower of silence
  • Imam square
  • Sheikh lotfollah Mosque
  • Shah mosque
  • Alighapoo palace
  • Chehel Sotoun Palace
  • Fin garden
  • Anzali lagoon
  • Blue mosque
  • Masuleh
  • Zein-o-din caravanserai
  • St. Stepanous church
  • St. Thaddeus church
  • El Goli park
  • The tomb of Sheikh Safi
  • Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat
  • Susa
  • Accommodation in the hotels according the itinerary
  • Breakfast
  • All transfers
  • Tour guide
  • Entrance fees according to the mentioned sites
  • Visa support to get the reference code