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How is Coronavirus affecting social life in Iran?

On account of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Iran borders have been interdicted free movements as a push to distance the country from the Pandemic since February 2020. Last week some Iranian authorities have announced the reopening of Iran’s border and the arrival of export cargo to its neighbors, and that some of the restrictions can be eased before the estimated time, and possibly as soon as in a couple of weeks.

According to the report of BBC Persian, Majid Reza Hariri, A member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce also said: “The Iran-Iraq border is open for business, and exports are proceeding normally along the Iraq border.”

The customs spokesman announced the reopening of the Iranian-Turkish border in early March and also said that trade and commercial activities between Iran and Azarbayjan would be carried out by land, rail, and maritime boundaries. At the same time, the transit of Iranian exports to Russia is underway with special formalities.

According to the head of Iran Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization, 14 joint roads with Azerbaijan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, including Astara, Bilesvar, Jolfa, Poldasht, Shalamcheh, Bashmak, Tamerchin, Mehran, Parviz Khan, Khosravi, Dogharon, Mahirud, and Shir are open without a hitch, but we have limitations with borders of Turkey, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, and Armenia.

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