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Everything you need to know about Iran

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are” – Samuel Johnson We all know expectations and reality are two different things, especially when we travel. And there’s pleasure in seeing how the two differ, to satisfy that need of […]

Iran Safety and Laws: All You Need to Know

“One gunshot a day keeps the tourist away” – Oscar Sega I had decided to travel from Italy to India by land. In taking this decision, the first thing that I thought to check about every country was checking whether it is safe; before checking its average costs, its laws, or…  Among the countries that […]

Persian food: A foodie’s experience in Iran

When you are travelling, whether you are a foodie or not, you have to taste local food. How could you go somewhere without trying any local dishes? Trying Persian food in Iran is no exception. Travel in itself is not a one-dimensional endeavour. It is supposed to be done using all senses and feelings. Giving […]

Taarof: Meaning, Examples & all You Need to Know

“I had long ago learned that when you are the giant, alien visitor to a remote and foreign culture it is sort of your job to become an object of ridicule. It’s the least you can do, really, as a polite guest.” – Elizabeth Gilbert Politeness is universal. All around the world people value and […]

what is life in the Middle East like? life style, photos & more

“Before going there, I’d had certain preconceptions about the Middle East, mostly derived from the media. Once I arrived, my preconceptions were slowly replaced by reality itself, which proved to be rather less coherent and understandable than what the media had depicted” – Joris Luyendijk Turn on the TV, turn up the radio, open the […]

Why you should visit Iran?

Yes, you read it right! You should visit Iran. I won’t spend any words on how safe Iran is, or why the Middle East is not like what you think, or how it is not like you expect. I have already written those articles. The gist of it is that Iran is an ordinary country, […]