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Among all the deficiencies of domestic tourism in Iran, we can mention weakness and unprofessionalism in providing tour services, not observing tourism formalities and disregarding the importance of notification (information) in cultural and environmental aspects.

We founded our Domestic Tours Dept. with the aim of providing high quality tours and services to families, individual, insentive and other groups with different age by the help of its professional and experienced managers, planners and tour guides. Our goal is to provide security and services along with developing  tourism culture in fields of cultural education, nature tours and  environmental aspects in tourism.
Experience of operating more than 60 safari tours through pristine areas in Iran’s tough deserts, high mountains and sunny shores since 2010, made our team the leaders of the Safari Tours in the land of Persia. At the moment we are leading the Iran Doostan Safari Team, planning and operating different tours heading untouched surroundings in Central desert (Rig e Jen), Lut, Caspian and Alborz Mountains and National parks and protected areas in Iran.

Based on the trip destinations and travelers interests these trips are categorized in 4 groups:

  • Luxury safari tours

    •    For luxurious travelers.
    •    Accommodation in prestigious hotels and residences or special camp sites.
    •    Visiting natural and historical sites during the day.

  • Classic safari tours

    •    Accommodation in Eco lodges or camping with tents and sleeping bags.
    •    Socializing with local people.

  • Expedition safari tours

    •    For travelers who like to feel the pleasure of an expedition experience.
    •    Accommodation in special camp sites with tents and sleeping bags in the middle of nature.
    •    Passing through the most abandoned lands specially deserts like Lut and Rig-e Jen.
    •    Feeling the Adrenaline and fast heart beats in the middle of untouched areas.

  • Special scientific safari tours

    •    For Bird watchers and ornithologists, zoologists, scientists, wild life professionals and documentary film makers.
    •    Accommodation depends on the trip.
    •    Visiting special habitats with different climates that might not be easy to pass through.

Kian Babazadeh

I began my travels with my father in 1990 when I was 7. Our first expeditions was like the expeditions of Europeans in 60thies in North Africa and the Middle East, as there were few possibilities for outdoor travel in Iran at that time. These days me and my friend Ashkan, with whom I studied Industrial Engineering at University, use to operate Iran Doostan Safari Tours into the deepest deserts of Iran, especially into Lut and Rig-e-Jen, where no traveler had set foot before. I love to have an endless view of dunes in front of my tent in the deserts and a sea of clouds below my camp sites in the mountains.

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Ashkan Hedayati

Born on May 1982, started backpacking and having trips around untouched areas of my country at the age of 18.My professional job in tourism construction project in Bisotoon brought me to Kurdistan, meanwhile exploring the pristine beauty of the region and culture. In 2009 I established a safari team with my friend Kian, took part in the eco tour guide courses and became safari guides. Later on we Founded Iran Doostan Safari Tours and now we are proud to have a professional expedition team to explore the pristine Persian nature. We have the honor to travel through the toughest desert routes of Iran and try to touch this beauty.