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  • History on the Walls of Persia

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History on the Walls of Persia

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The history is written on the walls of Iran. The impressive bas reliefs of Apadana Palace in Persepolis narrate the story of the Persian guard soldiers and the delegations bringing gifts to the Achaemenid king. And the reliefs in the Shapur City “Bishapur” show Shapur’s triple triumph over Rome. Khuzestan province bordering the Persian Gulf is “the birthplace of nation”.  Some of the main cities of Khuzestan are Andimeshk, Dezful, Shushtar, Susa, and Masjed Soleiman that each has a very ancient and unique history. You will visit a couple of important ports of Iran in Persian Gulf on the Strait of Hormuz as well.

Then there is the city that has been registered as the world city of handicraft, the half of the world, Isfahan. When in Isfahan you can easily get the sense that this city was once the capital of Safavid Dynasty by seeing the exquisite and rich architecture of the city, the blue-tile works and beautiful domes and minarets of mosques.

In this journey you will see the world’s most spectacular and peerless jewelries in Tehran jewelry museum, and the world’s most unique wind catchers of the beautiful Yazd.

Tour Itinerary Duration

29 Days & 28 Nights

  • Dogoubayazit-Tabriz
    Day 01
    Drive from Bazargan Border to Tabriz.
  • Tabriz
    Day 02
    Full day city tour to Tabriz. Visit the Blue Mosque, El Goli Park, and Bazaar. In the afternoon, have an excursion to the beautiful village of Kandovan. Go back to Tabriz, O/N Tabrzi at El Goli Park
  • Tabriz-Zanjan
    Day 03
    Visit El Goli park and drive from Tabriz to Zanjan.
  • Zanjan-Tehran
    Day 04
    Drive from Zanjan to Tehran. En–route, visit Dome of Soltaniyeh (UNESCO world heritage site). O/N Tehran at Shiyan Park
  • Tehran
    Day 05
    Full day city tour to Tehran includes  visiting National Museum of Iran( Archaeological museum) and Islamic Museum, and visiting two palaces of Golestan Complex( UNESCO world heritage site), O/N Tehran
  • Travel in Iran-fin garden
    Day 06
    Drive to Natanz via Kashan and visit Fin Garden and Tabatabaiee House. Arrive in Natanz and visit Jameh Mosque.
  • Natanz-Yazd
    Day 07
    Drive to Yazd via Nayin. O/N Tourist Inn
  • Yazd
    Day 08
    Full day city tour to Yazd. Visit Mir Chaqmaq Complex, Dowlat Abad Garden with its great wind tower, Jameh Mosque and Fire Temple, and also Tower of Silence, O/N Yazd Tourist Inn
  • Yazd
    Day 09
    At Leisure, O/N Yazd Tourist Inn
  • Yazd-Isfahan
    Day 10
    Drive from Yazd to Isfahan via Mohammadieh Village famous for its traditional art of textile weaving. O/N Yazd at Tourist Inn
  • Isfahan
    Day 11
    Full day city tour of Isfahan. Enjoy visiting Imam and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosques, Ali Qapu Palace, Bazaar, and old Bridges of Isfahan, O/N Isfahan Tourist Inn
  • Isfahan
    Day 12
    At your leisure, enjoy the beauties of Isfahan. O/N Isfahan Tourist Inn
  • Dorud-Andimeshk
    Day 14
    Drive early in the morning from Dorud to Andimeshk via Pol-e-Dokhtar, O/N Andimeshk at  Grand Hotel
  • Andimeshk-Masjed Soleyman
    Day 15
    Drive from Andimeshk to Masjed Soleyman. En rout , we will visit Apadana and Susa Fortress, then we will visit Chuqa Zanbil Ziggurat(UNESCO world heritage), and later we will drive to Shushtar to visit Shushtar Watermills. Finally,  we will arrive in Masjed Soleyman. O/N Tourist INN
  • Masjed Soleyman
    Day 16
    At your Leisure, O/N Tourist Inn
  • Masjed Soleyman-Behbahan
    Day 17
    Drive to Behbahan via Ramhormoz. O/N Tourist Inn
  • Behbahan-Shiraz
    Day 18
    Drive to Shiraz via Kazerun. We will visit Tange Chugan, Bishapur, and the ruins of an old town from Sassanid Area , O/N Tourist Inn
  • Persepolis
    Shiraz-Persepolis-Naghshe Rostam
    Day 19
    Visiting Persepolis and Naghsh- e Rostam. O/N Persepolis Tourist Inn
  • Shiraz
    Day 20
    Full day city tour to Shiraz by visiting beautiful Narenjestan Garden, visiting two famous Iranian Poets’ tombs, and strolling around Vakil Complex, O/N Persepolis Tourist Inn
  • Shiraz-Firuzabad
    Day 21
    Drive from Shiraz to Firuzabad. O/N in Firuzabad
  • Firuzabad-Bushehr
    Day 22
    Drive from Firuzabad to Bushehr. O/N Bushehr at Delavar Hotel
  • Bushehr
    Day 23
    At your leisure, O/N Bushehr at Delavar Hotel
  • Bushehr - Bandar Taheri
    Day 24
    Drive from Bushehr to Bandar Taheri.
  • Taheri-B.Lengeh
    Day 25
    Drive from B. Taheri to B. Lengeh via Bandar Kangan.
  • B. Lengeh-B. Abbas
    Day 26
    Drive to Bandar Abbas. En route, visit Bandar-e Kong and visit construction location of “Lenj” boats, drive to salt mountain, and drive to Bandar-e Abbas. O/N Bandar Abbas at Genu Hotel
  • Bandar Abbas
    Day 27
    Visit Hormoz island; its ruins of former Portuguese fortress as well as its colorful hills. Return to Bandar-e Abbas. O/N Bandar Abbas at Genu Hotel
  • Bandar Abbas
    Day 28
    Full day city tour to Minab. Visit the market where many women still wear traditional “borqa” masks, drive south to the beauties of Ziarat and Sirik, and then return to Bandar Abbas. O/N Bandar Abbas at Genu Hotel
  • Bandar Abbas-Departure
    Day 29
    Departure: In Bandar-e Abbas visit former Hindu temple, bazaar,and Jameh mosque.

Tours to Iran

Tour highlight

  • El Goli Park
  • Kandovan village
  • Soltaniye Dome
  • Golestan Complex palace
  • Fin Garden
  • Tabatabaiee House
  • Chaqmaq Complex, Dowlat Abad Garden
  • Ali Qapu Palace
  • Naghshe- Jahan Sq
  • Imam and Sheikh Lotfolah Mosque
  • Apadana Palace
  • Susa Fortress
  • Chuqa Zanbil Ziggurat
  • Persepolise
  • Naghsh- e Rostam
  • Narenjestan Garden
  • Tange Chugan and Bishapur
  • Portuguese fortress
  • Hindu temple

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