Bikers on the Road from Ace to Ace

  • Bikers on the Road from Ace to Ace

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    Bikers on the Road from Ace to Ace

Bikers on the Road from Ace to Ace

Scientists say travelling makes new synapses in your brain. It might sound too good to be true to take a trip around the world and have fun plus become more intelligent, but luckily it is true. And by traveling we mean getting engaged in the cultures on your way and your destination. Can anyone think of a better way to get melted in a culture than taking a road trip down the earth with a motorcycle? “I always think traveling on a motorcycle is the best way to travel because often if you are in the car you are in this box so you got a barrier between you and country and people, when you travel on a motorcycle you experience everything the heat, the cold, the wind, you smell things, you see more,” As Kevin Sanders, the holder of two Guinness World Records, told us in his interview

A group of motorcyclists decided to travel from London to Beijing through the Silk Road. This group of fourteen bikers went from the Ace café in Britain to China to attend the grand opening of an Ace café branch in Beijing on July 13th. This 12000 miles Ace to Ace trip was planned to be done in eighty days.

Iran Doostan Tours Co. had the honor to be a part of this exciting event. This was absolutely an honor for us to be the host to such bold and determined visitors in Iran. We believe that it is not easy at all to make such dangerous decision and have enough determination to finish it up.

 “Everywhere I’ve traveled (85 countries around the world on motorcycle) it is just the best way to travel and you experience much more. It does have danger, but danger is good. A little bit of danger in life is very good for you.” Sanders said.

Our adventurous guests crossed Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, and Turkey in one week and they entered Iran in May 12 of 2015. The bikers entered Iran from the border of Turkey and crossed the cities of Tabriz, Bandar Anzali, Masouleh, Ramsar, Tehran, Gorgan and Bojnourd and got to Tehran after nine days. Silk Road, from the Mediterranean Sea to China, was the path that the bikers chose to take their journey. Through this passage the explorers passed from the Tibet Mountain and had a stop on Everest Base Camp.

We were thrilled when we heard our guests had such a good experience from their trip in Iran. Mr. Sanders a second-time traveler to Iran told us that he totally feels a change from the first time he visited the country in 2002. “I’ve seen a lot of countries developed over the years through traveling and Iran is doing a good job with the road systems and what they could do is few more petrol stations. Sometimes it is big spaces, but it is nice and cheap for us. It’s a friendly welcoming place. There is no hostility no aggression.”

Gaby and Rhina, a great couple travelling together in this group from Switzerland, were experiencing Iran for the first time. They overjoyed us when they said they would love to come back again and see more in Iran. They shared their good memories of Iranian people with us. “Most of all I take back absolute friendliness of people especially of the women, they waved to me, they come to me, they asked me, they welcomed me to Iran wherever I meet them, this is absolutely fabulous.” Gaby said.

Iran Doostan Tours Co. was very pleased to be the host of such people who want to know the world that they live in and the people who they share this world with. Cross-cultural experiences introduce us to more people around the world which can become possible by traveling. Traveling within a country can be as enjoyable and informative as a destination abroad. We appreciate this kind of attitude toward life and will do our best to have the right plan to satisfy their desire for knowledge and travel. We would love and try to be a connection between nations to help people connect and get to know each other. Hosting the “Ace to Ace” journey from London to Beijing was an opportunity for us to experience this thrill.