Persian Silk Road tour: Mashhad, Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz

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Persian Silk Road tour

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This is a journey that starts from the origin of the famous epic Shahnameh and continues along the Silk Road, the trade route of saffron, silk, turmeric &, etc. The biggest province of Iran, Razavi Khorasan, holds the holy shrine of Imam Reza along with the mausoleum of Ferdowsi and Nader Shah one of the most powerful rulers in Iranian history. Visiting the various museums of Tehran, the architectural masterpieces of Isfahan, the exotic gardens of Shiraz, and the first capital of the Achaemenid Empire, the capital of Cyrus the Great, will be the most beautiful memories of the Iranian part of the Silk Road for every traveler.

Persian silk road Tour Itinerary Duration

9 Days & 8 Nights

4 cities

Bed & Breakfast

  • Travel to Iran and Visit Friendly Iranian Ethnic Groups
    Arrive in Sarakhs border. Drive to Mashhad and make an excursion to Tus.

    • Visits: Ferdowsi Mausoleum & its museum , Haruniyeh Dome
    • ACC: Hotel in Mashhad
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 261 KM
    • Time: 3 hrs & 50 min
  • mashhad
    DAY 02 Exploring The religious capital of Iran
    Have breakfast & do a half day city tour ,then take flight to Tehran.

    • Visits: The Holy Shrine of Imam Reza & Quran museum, Goharshad mosque , Bazaar ,Nader shah museum
    • ACC: Hotel in Tehran
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 980 KM
    • Flight duration: 1 hour & 20 min
  • azadi tower
    DAY 03 Tehran city tour
    Have breakfast & start city tour.

    • Visits:Golestan palace, Archeological museum, Jewelry or Carpet museum ,Grand bazaar
    • ACC: Hotel in Tehran
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance:
    • Time:
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Golestan palace
  • TabaTabaei house
    DAY 04 Toward the city of Half of the world
    After breakfast drive to Isfahan via Qom and Kashan.

    • Visits: Fatima Holy Shrine of Qom , Tabatabaei Historical House & Fin Garden of Kashan
    • ACC: Hotel in Isfahan
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance:  465 KM
    • Time: 5 hrs
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Fin Garden (One of the nine Persian  style gardens)
  • Travel to Iran in 2021 and 2022?
    DAY 05 City of Turquoise Domes
    After breakfast, start a  full day city tour .

    • Visits: Naghshe e  Jahan  square , Imam & Sheikh Lotfollah mosques , Ali-qapu Palace, Qeysariye Bazaar ,Chehel Sotun Palace
    • ACC: Hotel in Isfahan
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance:
    • Time:
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Naghsh e Jahan Square ,Chehel Sotun Palace
  • Pasargadae
    DAY 06 Tomb of the Achaemenid emperor
    Have breakfast and head toward Shiraz.

    • Visit: Pasargadae
    • ACC: Hotel in Shiraz
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 482 KM
    • Time: 5 hrs & 53 min
  • Persepolis
    DAY 07 Discover the ancient capital
    After breakfast, make an excursion to Marvdasht.

    • Visits: Persepolis ,Naqsh-e Rostam necropolis
    • ACC: Hotel in Shiraz
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance: 137 KM
    • Time: 2 hrs &  8 min
  • Hafez tomb
    DAY 08 City of Spring Orange and Narcissus
    After breakfast , do a full day city tour.

    • Visits: Narenjestan or Eram Garden, Vakil Mosque & Bazaar , Tomb of Hafez , Shah-Cheragh holy shrine
    • ACC: Hotel in Shiraz
    • Meal: Breakfast
    • Distance:
    • Time:
    • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE: Eram Garden (One of the nine Persian style gardens)
  • airport iran
    Transfer to the output terminal of Shiraz international airport.

    • Visit:
    • Hotel:
    • Meal:
    • Distance: 7 KM
    • Time: 17 min
Persian Silk Road tour: Mashhad, Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz

Tours to Iran

Persian Silk Road tour: Mashhad, Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz


  • Ferdowsi Tomb
  • Imam Reza holy shrine
  • Qoran Museum
  • GowharShad mosque
  • NaderShah tomb
  • National Museum of Iran
  • Tabatabaei house
  • Fin garden
  • Chehel Sotun Palace
  • Ali Qapu palace
  • Pasargadae
  • Persepolis
  • Naqsh-e Rostam necropolis
  • Eram or narenjestan garden
  • Vakil mosque
  • Hafez tomb
  • Accommodation in the hotels as per program
  • Breakfast
  • All transfers
  • Tour guide
  • Entrance fees according to the mentioned visiting sites
  • Visa support to get the reference code
  • Tip and portages in hotels