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Persian cuisine is not just ancient and cosmopolitan; it is also therapeutic for body and soul. The legendary Physician and Philosopher, Avicenna, in his great book The Canon of Medicine, describes the healing and beneficial aspects of different foods, fruits, and vegetables for the body. He explains that every human body has a temperament that must be in balance with the food and drinks’ nature.

On your travel to Iran, you might hear that some foods are cold or hot. For instance walnut, pepper, and lamb has hot nature, apple, green tea, and fish have cold nature. Every city in every province of Iran has hundreds of dishes local to the area for every season of the year so we just picked a few of the most famous ones.

Tour Itinerary Duration


    Day 1
    Arrive to Shiraz, Transfering to the Hotel. O/N in Shiraz
    Day 2

    After breakfast visit Narenjestan Or Eram Garden, , the Tomb of Hafez and Saadi who were great Persian poets, visit Nasir ol Mulk Mosque and Vakil Bazaar and also Qoran Gate. On this day you would try a traditional Shirazian Deseret called Faloodeh, and have a traditional Shirazian Food called Kalam polo in a local house. O/N in Shiraz

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    Day 3
    In the morning excursion to Persepolis which was the ceremonial capital of Achaemenian and Naqsh-e-Rostam Achaemenian’s Necropolis, continue driving to Isfahan. O/N in Isfahan
    Day 4

    After breakfast, going to Naghsh-e-Jahan Square which was built in 16th century and has four monuments at its dimensions, Ali-Qapou Palace, Shah Mosque, Bazaar and Sheikh lotfallah Mosque which is a masterpiece of Iranian and Islamic architectures. Visit Chehel Sotoon Palace.  Have a break at the tea house P.M. ( In Bazaar you will have a traditional Isfahanian Food Called: Beryouni) O/N in Isfahan

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    Day 5

    After breakfast full day sightseeing Isfahan, visit Vank church and its museum, walk through Jolfa district with its beautifull old texture. Visit old Jame mosque. At night Stroll along old bridges across Zayandeh Roud River such as Siosepol and Pole Khajou. O/N in Isfahan.

    Day 6

    Morning drive to Yazd, en route visit Nayin’s Jame Mosque and Pirnia House (closed on Mondays). Continue to Yazd via Meybod, visit Meybod beautiful Narin Castle and old caravanserai. Continue to Yazd. O/N in Yazd

  • YAZD
    Day 7

    Visit Tower of Silence and Fire Temple of Zoroastrians where the flames have been burning for hundred of years. After that visit  Dolatabad Garden and  Jame Mosque, and also Fahadan district (old parts of the town). You will have a traditional Yazdian Food called Ash Shooli, and go to a traditional confectionery Shop which sell Baghlava and Halva (two kinds of sweets). O/N in Yazd

    Day 8

    Drive to Kashan, on the way visit Abyaneh village with its architectural style, entirely in red clay. Continue to Kashan. In Kashan you will try a traditional food called Goosht-Loobia. O/N in Kashan

    Day 9

    In Kashan visit Fin Garden and Tabatabaie House. Then drive to Qazvin visit Chehel Sotoun or Imamzade Shazdeh Hoseyn. In Qazvin you will try a traditional food called Gheymeh Nesa. O/N in Qazvin

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    Day 10

    Drive to Tehran. Visit Iran Bastan/Archaeological Museum which hosts historical monuments dating back through preserved ancient and medieval Iranian antiquities. After that, visit Golestan Palace (two palaces) and Bazaar, in Bazaar you will have one of the most tastiest Persian meals called TAHCHIN . Walk through Tabiat Bridge. O/N in Tehran

  • Tehran- DEP
    Day 11
    Transfer to the airport for the flight back home

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Persian cuisine


  • Goosht-loobia
  • faloodeh
  • Kalam Polo
  • Beryani
  • Gheymeh nesar

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