Ceramic objects

Visiting a traditional 300-year-old ceramic factory

Colorful ceramic objects are an inseparable element of Iranian art, a gorgeous decoration that has proved to surprise many visitors of Iran attractions and Persian handicrafts. The art of ceramic has been popular with Iranians for more than 6000 years and today we witness a modern version of ceramic art by young talented artists all around Iran.
Right in the heart of Iran deserts, there is a scenic small city called Natanz; walking in the beautiful streets of Natanz you will find a 300-year-old traditional ceramic factory with a pleasant atmosphere created by the lovely colorful ceramic objects around that amazes many visitors. This delightful place is a family business that has had a long journey to get here.
The ceramics are mainly made out of the material found in the region and they come in an impressively wide range of natural colors taken from nature around here; the interesting point is that all the wonderful designs are improvised and not pre-planned! You can see in the video how they are drawn and painted. Then they will be backed in the 300-year old furnaces!
Some time ago, Iran Doostan had a live tour of this lovely workshop and an interview with Mr. Ebadi who is the seventh generation owning this beautiful factory! He started the art of ceramic when he was 6 and now he is a real master of this art!

If you are interested in this mesmerizing place and curious to know how these gorgeous works of art are made, Enjoy watching this amazing video of ceramic art in Iran.

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