National Zoorkhaneh Day

Zoorkhaneh is the house of strength not only for the body but also for the soul and spirit. Zoorkhaneh is an Iranian traditional sport club dating back to Zoroastrianism and Mithraism era where the athletes train rigorously with live music playing with Zarb (Persian drum) and poems of Shahnameh, the masterpiece epic book of Ferdowsi.

In Iranian culture Zoorkhaneh is a sacred place where the physical activity is combined by art and literature. Having strong morality, devotion, and honorary manner is as important as having a strong body.

The entrance door is short, so when people are entering must bow their head to respect this place and people.

Bastanikar is referred to athletes who work out in Zoorkhaneh and masters are Pahlevans. To become a Pahlevan being noble, courteous, and loyal comes before your body strength.

Zoorkhane has its own music, exercises, and equipment. The exercises take place in the Gowd, a round or octagonal shape hole in the ground where the Bastanikars stand round with the Pahlevan on the center who leads the ritual.

When the Morshed (master) beats on the ring and hits on the drum, Pahlevans in the Gowd start their beautiful exercise.