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You may have heard about Iran in daily news, mostly covering the tensions between Iran and the US. Despite what you hear in the international news about Iran, this page tries to offer a true image of Iran as a lovely and safe destination with wonderful beauties for travelers of various tastes.

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World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day

FEPET Congress in Iran to Promote Iran Travel and Tourism Industry

FEPET Spanish Journalists in Iran to Promote Iran Travel and Tourism Industry

46 members of the Spanish Federation of Journalists and Writers of Tourism (FEPET) traveled to Iran for the 19th FEPET congress in Iran from Saturday, November 24th to Monday, December 3th. The tour arrived in Shiraz on Sunday, November 24th, and left Iran from Tehran on Sunday, December 3th. They visited Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Matinabad, […]