EPIC IRAN exhibits Iran’s 5000-year-old history and art

Victoria and Albert Museum of London (V&A) enlightens the great civilization of Iran by displaying 350 museum objects in the Epic Iran exhibition. The antiques are presented in 10 sections based on chronological order, resembling a city with a gate, a garden, a palace, and a library. Items on display at the exhibition also include some borrowed items from the United States, Russia, France, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.
The first part of the Epic Iran exhibition displays art crafts from 3200 BC, the early Persian civilizations, the formation of the Persian Empire, the Sassanid rule, and the rise of the Zoroastrian religion, offering a diverse picture of Iran’s geography.
Another part of this exhibition deals with the emergence of Islam in Iran after the Arab conquest in the middle of the seventh century.

The Royal Patronage section is among the most impressive and interesting parts of this exhibition, which is dedicated to the re-emergence of the kingdom in Iran after the 13th century.
Literature is one of the main themes of the Victoria and Albert London Exhibition of Iranian History and Art; One part of this exhibition is dedicated to poetry and its use in manuscripts, and the other part is dedicated to the Shahnameh, the epic masterpiece by Hakim Ferdowsi, from the 11th century.
The last part of this exhibition is dedicated to the ups and downs of rapid social and political changes in Iran from the 1940s to the present, including the Islamic Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War. This section represents modern art created by contemporary artists in Iran.
If you are a fan of the history, art, and literature of ancient civilizations, this place would definitely worth a visit. The Victoria and Albert London Exhibition of Iranian History and Art is open to the public until September 12.

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